Yellow Ultra Plastic Bucket Bucket Lt.11 PRAUSSSG36 Ribimex


Yellow bucket made of ultrasonic plastic with anti-crush handle Ø 7 mm. Cold resistant material (operating temperature up to - 40 ° C), UV rays, heat (up to + 50 ° C). Resists shocks due to free falls of 1.5 m. Double handle for ambidextrous override. Internally graduated. Capacity: 11 liters.

3,23 € VAT included
2,65 € Without VAT

Extra Brick Bucket LT.1

Reinforced plastic tapered brick bucket Weight 650g. Diameter Ø 34 cm Capacity 1 liter Color Red

2,22 € VAT included
1,82 € Without VAT

Case for Macerie Lt.50 mm.435x420x350

Square case for rubble, black color. Material: polyethylene Capacity: 50 Liters Dimensions: mm.435x420x350

5,23 € VAT included
4,29 € Without VAT

Bucket graduate Lt.25 Polyethylene "Suli" Art.120152041Q

Bucket "Suli" graduated with high strength plastic handle. Color: Gray Capacity: 25 liters Material: Polyethylene

6,31 € VAT included
5,17 € Without VAT

Tonda bowl "Bella" Blue Gio Style

Giò Style

Available in 3 models. durable plastic round bowl, fitted with ergonomic handles. Ideal for hand washing. Blue color

1,74 € VAT included
1,43 € Without VAT

Bath panel in Plastic


Available in 2 models. Bathroom plastic framework, with handles.

2,39 € VAT included
1,96 € Without VAT

White 20 liter bucket Framework ICS


Capacity: 20 liter bucket of white plastic panel, with handle.

9,22 € VAT included
7,56 € Without VAT

Tap 1 "for Mastelloni

Tap Moplen for Mastelloni. Attack: 1 "

9,47 € VAT included
7,76 € Without VAT

Muratore per bucket

Available in colors. Bucket with cone shaped mason reinforced plastic - Ø 36 cm.

1,10 € VAT included
0,90 € Without VAT

Stem Wide Mouth Plastic

Available in 5 sizes. in extraordinarily durable plastic barrel, durable and lightweight. Suitable for food contact and easy to handle. Preparation for drain cock (optional) at the bottom.

5,12 € VAT included
4,20 € Without VAT