Quartz Stove S801.EU Bimar


The infrared stove with quartz resistance S801.EU Bimar, small but efficient, is a practical electric stove equipped with 2 quartz resistance and 400 / 800W power adjustment function. Features that allow you to obtain the right combination of desired heat level and optimization of consumption. This infrared stove model is able to heat surfaces up to 8m². The anti-rollback safety switch and the front protection grille make the S801.

11,72 € VAT included
9,61 € Without VAT

Wood Quarzo Stove HR302 Bimar


220-240V ~ 50Hz 1500W. Wall-mounted quartz stove for exterior and interior; Heat is diffused by irradiation in the affected area; 3 500W quartz resistors; Tensile switch with display to select 0/500/1000 / 1500W; Shiny aluminum parabola for greater efficiency; Wall mount with 4 high / low adjustments and complete with fixing kit; Metal body, front in silver color; Protection class IP24 (protected against splashing of water); Suitable for 45m³ environments

26,58 € VAT included
21,79 € Without VAT

PTC HR301 Bimar Carbon Fiber Stove


Heat is diffused by irradiation in the affected area by automatic oscillation. Low intensity carbon fiber resistor .;

34,01 € VAT included
27,88 € Without VAT

Termoventilatore PTC HP105 Bimar


PTC Resistant Heat Exchanger, Delivers Power Based on Temp. environment: low temp = max power, and vice versa .;

32,84 € VAT included
26,92 € Without VAT

Oscillating PTC Heat Exchanger with Handle HP104 Bimar


PTC Ceramic Resistance Delivers Power Based on Ambient Temperature (Low Temp = Max Power, and vice versa).

21,11 € VAT included
17,30 € Without VAT

Termoventilatore PTC da Tavolo 1500W HP102 Bimar


PTC Ventilator - Patented design -; Hot and immediate comfort. Eroga power based on room temperature (low temperature = maximum power and vice versa); Suitable for rooms of 15 m2 ;;;

26,97 € VAT included
22,11 € Without VAT

Termoventilatore HF203 Bimar


Heat is directed to the affected area and diffuses due to forced ventilation. Degree of protection IP21 for use also in bathrooms .;

12,11 € VAT included
9,93 € Without VAT

Oscillating Fan Thermostat with Programmer HF201 Bimar


Heat is directed to the affected area, spreads rapidly with forced ventilation, and broadly with dx.sin oscillation. Degree of protection IP21 for use in the bathroom. Daily programmer for periodic use. ;;

31,28 € VAT included
25,64 € Without VAT

Thermoconductor Turbo Warm Electronic HC501 Bimar


Natural convection thermal convector with turbo to direct the heat frontally; Electronic controls and remote control;

53,95 € VAT included
44,22 € Without VAT

Adjustable "Mitia" Thermo Ventilator 1000 / 2000W 098556 Maurer


Oriental electric ventilation fan "MAURER" mod. MITIA - adjustable thermostat. 2 selections: 1000/2000 W - cold air - cut-out safety switch. protection against overheating. ignition light - integrated handle. 60 ° oscillation - to EC standards.

17,39 € VAT included
14,25 € Without VAT