Protective Suit with Disposable Hood CAT.III TYPE 5-6 LIGHT800 / 2 Logica

Sizes available: from L to XXL STANDARDS: EN13982 EN1149 EN13034 EN14126 Professional protective suit in polypropylene for protection against liquids, dusts, chemical agents and particles; equipped with hood. Garment applications include pharmaceutical handling, chemical transformation, general maintenance and operations, automotive spray painting and many more.

10,26 €

VAT included

8,41 €

Without VAT

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JOBC Rica Lewis Stretch Multi-Pocket Work Jeans

37,72 € VAT included
30,92 € Without VAT


Tool Box Steel Tools 5 Compartments 80219 Maurer

40,28 € VAT included
33,02 € Without VAT


Cenerix 18 liter 1200W ash vacuum cleaner PRCEN003 / 1200 Ribimex

51,04 € VAT included
41,84 € Without VAT


LINEA BLANCA Extra Fluid Hand Wash Cream 5000 ml with Neptune Dispenser

14,41 € VAT included
11,81 € Without VAT


Battery Blower SBV 48 AE Stiga

103,27 € VAT included
84,65 € Without VAT

Just insert the battery and the blower is ready! Powered by a powerful 5.0 AH lithium ion battery and 48V brushless motor, th...

Exhaust Fan Blower Ace 250 092 832 Papillon 2500W

60,63 € VAT included
49,70 € Without VAT

Extractor / blower "Ace 250" 2500 W. Variable Rate to 2 speed. Air speed 270 km / h. air volume moved 13mc / min. Lot 40 lt.

Soffiatore Stiga SBL 2600

69,49 € VAT included
56,96 € Without VAT

SBL 2600 is equipped with electric motor 2600 W, to ensure superior performance and reliability compared to common blowers, r...

Flake 1300 Electric Snowplow Valex 1497700

79,39 € VAT included
65,07 € Without VAT

Snowblower FLAKE 1300 is a compact machine, light and easy to use, with adjustable handle. It projects the snow a few meters ...


Complete System Cleaner Diesel Supply Arexons

7,70 € VAT included
6,31 € Without VAT

Size: 250 ml exerts a fast action of detergent, thoroughly cleaning the entire power system and thus increasing the effic...

AdBlue Tank with Spout 10 Liters B3102-10 Brenntag

9,36 € VAT included
7,67 € Without VAT

Format: 10 Liters (with spout) AdBlue BRENNTAG is a product developed for new generation motor vehicles, designed to reduce n...

Gasoline additive Benzina Multifunzione Arexons

3,57 € VAT included
2,93 € Without VAT

Size: 250 ml PETROL MULTIFUNCTION is an additive for petrol (red, green) that will prolong the life of the engine; improv...

Antifreeze additive Rhigen Diesel Fuel Injectors for Atas

3,44 € VAT included
2,82 € Without VAT

Available in 2 sizes. Atas Rhigen is made from a mixture of polymers with special detergent action and antifreeze. Avoids sol...


Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to use protective gloves" 20x30 cm

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to use protective gloves" Dimensions: 20x30 cm

Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to wear the mask" cm.35x12.5

5,08 € VAT included
4,16 € Without VAT

Aluminum sign "Mask must be worn" Fixing with screws Dimensions: 35x12.5 cm

Aluminum Sign "It is mandatory to protect the eyes" cm.20x30

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum Sign "It is mandatory to protect the eyes" Dimensions: 20x30 cm

Aluminum Sign "Mandatory Safety Shoes" cm.20x30

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum Sign "Mandatory Safety Shoes" Dimensions: 20x30 cm


Lysoform Casa Disinfectant Detergent for Floors and Surfaces 900 ml Cedar and Bergamot

2,77 € VAT included
2,27 € Without VAT

Format: 900 ml Fragrance: Cedar and Bergamot Lysoform Complete Protection Disinfectant is indicated for floors but is effecti...

Hand Sanitizing Liquid Gel Disinfectant 70% Alcohol 1 Liter Antigerm

11,24 € VAT included
9,21 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter The Antigerm liquid gel is a hand sanitizer that acts in a few seconds and without the need to rinse. Its act...

Napisan Liquid Sanitizing Additive 1200 ml

4,25 € VAT included
3,48 € Without VAT

Format: 1200 ml Napisan washing liquid detergent detergent, removes germs and bacteria, and protects the garments of any fabr...

Sanitizing Disinfectant Wipes 10pcs Hands and Objects DISINFECT Mayer Braun

4,64 € VAT included
3,80 € Without VAT

Hand disinfectant wipes, objects and surfaces I DisinfettaMayer is a Medical Surgical Device with BACTERICIDE and VIRUCIDAL a...


Hypoallergenic TPE Semi-mask Respirator 2 Filters MEDOPAIR II Lansec Italia

29,35 € VAT included
24,06 € Without VAT

Made of hypoallergenic TPE: very soft and comfortable material. Provides excellent protection, comfort and regulation. It off...

Respirator Mask 3M 4251 Organic Vapour / Dust FFA1P2 151022

26,79 € VAT included
21,96 € Without VAT

The half-mask respirator 3M 4251 is a professional and ready to use complete with filters (type FFA1 P2D) built of soft and h...

Protective Mask Respirator 5 Layers FFP2 in TNT

1,57 € VAT included
1,29 € Without VAT

FFP2 protection mask with 5 layers of TNT Dimensions: 16x10 cm STANDARD: EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009

Certified Pediatric Surgical Mask for Girls

0,46 € VAT included
0,38 € Without VAT

Pack 10pcs INSERT MULTIPLE OF 10 INTO THE CART Pediatric surgical mask for boys and girls certified with aluminum nasal band ...


Closet Portafucili TLS / 4 Fuciliera 4 places Technomax

169,58 € VAT included
139,00 € Without VAT

Color: Wood (cherry) Capacity: 4 rifles model TLS / 4 Technomax, it is the closet Portafucili armored with nice finishi...

P70T Fuciliera Cabinet 7-Seat Rifle Gun Potent

164,94 € VAT included
135,20 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P70T Wardrobe is made of sturdy steel, has an internal treasure and can safely hold up to 7 rifles and r...

P30 Riflebox Fuciliera 3 Places Potent

109,43 € VAT included
89,70 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P30 Cabinet is made of sturdy steel, NOT equipped with a small treasure, it can safely hold 3 rifles and...

Closet Portafucili TCL / 10 Fuciliera 10 Places Technomax

245,95 € VAT included
201,60 € Without VAT

Color: Wood (cherry) Capacity: 10 rifles Model TCL / 10 Technomax, it is the closet Portafucili armored with nice finis...