Waterproof Pocket Disposable

Art. Boxer Disposable waterproof pocket in polythene with hood. Packaged individually. One size fits all. Cod. 463100

3,66 €

VAT included

3,00 €

Without VAT

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Telescopic Ladder 9 Steps H72 / 263 cm PRET094 Ribimex

174,25 € VAT included
142,83 € Without VAT


PATTEX Acetic Silicone Sealant SL 509 High Temperature Red 70ml Henkel

4,87 € VAT included
3,99 € Without VAT


Barrier Alarm with Infrared Sensor 2 Remote Controls 6 Meters 51946 Maurer

12,43 € VAT included
10,19 € Without VAT


Work Helmet Construction Site and Scaffolding EN397 White 60452 Maurer

39,53 € VAT included
32,40 € Without VAT


Soffiatore Stiga SBL 2600

69,49 € VAT included
56,96 € Without VAT

SBL 2600 is equipped with electric motor 2600 W, to ensure superior performance and reliability compared to common blowers, r...

SAi 60 Battery Blower with Bi 2,5 EF Battery and CRG Efco Battery Charger

198,34 € VAT included
162,57 € Without VAT

The SAi 60 battery-powered blower is the indispensable tool for effortlessly maintaining a cured lawn. It is light and easy t...

Battery Blower SBV 48 AE Stiga

103,27 € VAT included
84,65 € Without VAT

Just insert the battery and the blower is ready! Powered by a powerful 5.0 AH lithium ion battery and 48V brushless motor, th...

Exhaust Fan Blower Ace 250 092 832 Papillon 2500W

60,63 € VAT included
49,70 € Without VAT

Extractor / blower "Ace 250" 2500 W. Variable Rate to 2 speed. Air speed 270 km / h. air volume moved 13mc / min. Lot 40 lt.


Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to wear the mask" cm.35x12.5

5,08 € VAT included
4,16 € Without VAT

Aluminum sign "Mask must be worn" Fixing with screws Dimensions: 35x12.5 cm

Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to use protective gloves" 20x30 cm

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to use protective gloves" Dimensions: 20x30 cm

Aluminum Sign "Mandatory Safety Shoes" cm.20x30

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum Sign "Mandatory Safety Shoes" Dimensions: 20x30 cm

Aluminum Sign "It is mandatory to protect the eyes" cm.20x30

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum Sign "It is mandatory to protect the eyes" Dimensions: 20x30 cm



Lysoform Casa Disinfectant Detergent for Floors and Surfaces 900 ml Cedar and Bergamot

2,77 € VAT included
2,27 € Without VAT

Format: 900 ml Fragrance: Cedar and Bergamot Lysoform Complete Protection Disinfectant is indicated for floors but is effecti...

Active Oxygen Hand Sanitizer Detergent 500 ml HYGI OXY AR-CO Chimica

7,14 € VAT included
5,85 € Without VAT

Format: 500 ml Active oxygen sanitizing cleanser for hands without rinsing ocean fragrance DO NOT RINSE. Fragrance: Ocean

Napisan Liquid Sanitizing Additive 1200 ml

4,25 € VAT included
3,48 € Without VAT

Format: 1200 ml Napisan washing liquid detergent detergent, removes germs and bacteria, and protects the garments of any fabr...

Hand Sanitizing Liquid Gel Disinfectant 70% Alcohol 1 Liter Antigerm

11,24 € VAT included
9,21 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter The Antigerm liquid gel is a hand sanitizer that acts in a few seconds and without the need to rinse. Its act...


Disposable 3 Layers Protective Surgical Protective Mask Mask

0,61 € VAT included
0,50 € Without VAT

Disposable 3-layer surgical mask with elastics and nose clip Resistant to liquid splashes Not sterile ++ NOT sold individuall...

Full Face Mask Respirator with 6800 3M Valve

160,55 € VAT included
131,60 € Without VAT

The 3M ™ 6800 reusable full face mask is equipped with a wide polycarbonate lens and a face made of elastomeric, soft and hyp...

Respirator Mask 3M 4251 Organic Vapour / Dust FFA1P2 151022

26,66 € VAT included
21,85 € Without VAT

The half-mask respirator 3M 4251 is a professional and ready to use complete with filters (type FFA1 P2D) built of soft and h...

Hypoallergenic TPE Semi-mask Respirator 2 Filters MEDOPAIR II Lansec Italia

29,35 € VAT included
24,06 € Without VAT

Made of hypoallergenic TPE: very soft and comfortable material. Provides excellent protection, comfort and regulation. It off...


P30 Riflebox Fuciliera 3 Places Potent

109,43 € VAT included
89,70 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P30 Cabinet is made of sturdy steel, NOT equipped with a small treasure, it can safely hold 3 rifles and...

Closet Portafucili TLS / 4 Fuciliera 4 places Technomax

169,58 € VAT included
139,00 € Without VAT

Color: Wood (cherry) Capacity: 4 rifles model TLS / 4 Technomax, it is the closet Portafucili armored with nice finishi...

Closet Portafucili TCL / 10 Fuciliera 10 Places Technomax

245,95 € VAT included
201,60 € Without VAT

Color: Wood (cherry) Capacity: 10 rifles Model TCL / 10 Technomax, it is the closet Portafucili armored with nice finis...

Wardrobe Portafucili TCH / 5 Fuciliera 5 Places Technomax

179,06 € VAT included
146,77 € Without VAT

Capacity: 5 rifles Model TCH / 5 Technomax is the armored steel cabinet with internal treasure, ideal for storing safely up t...