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Scarpe Antinforistiche Basse POINT S1P SRC U-Power

79,04 € VAT included
64,79 € Without VAT


Wet & Dry 1400W CV 30 X Comet Powder and Liquid Aspirator

117,77 € VAT included
96,53 € Without VAT


Tool Holder Trolley 7 Drawers 1472K7 Bahco

384,30 € VAT included
315,00 € Without VAT


Insecticide Concentrate for Green Areas Deadyna Lt.1 Green World

17,71 € VAT included
14,52 € Without VAT


Rasaerba LR 48 TK Comfort Plus Efco

310,82 € VAT included
254,77 € Without VAT

Body: steel Displacement: 140 cm³ Model / make engine: EMAK K 600 OHV Cutting width: 46 cm Advancement: traction (3.6 Km / h)...

Petrol mower COLLECTOR 43 Stiga

212,23 € VAT included
173,96 € Without VAT

Push lawnmower with 100cc Stiga motor. Collector 43 is a versatile machine because you can choose the cutting system suitable...

Electric grass trimmer COLLECTOR 35 E Stiga

93,54 € VAT included
76,67 € Without VAT

Ideal for cutting grass in gardens up to 300 m2 and with the additional function of rear discharge, STIGA Collector 35 is a p...

MR 55 TBI Efco mower

954,44 € VAT included
782,33 € Without VAT

Body: aluminum Displacement: 190 cm³ Brand / model engine: B&S series 850 Cutting width: 53 cm Advancement: 3 gears (1a: 2,2 ...

Barbecues and Accessories

Stainless steel grill with Sgocciolatorio cm.48x44

41,16 € VAT included
33,74 € Without VAT

Stainless steel grate with dripping and support feet. Ideal for barbecues, fireplaces, etc. Dimensions: 48x44 cm

Barbecue a Gas Ecolava Plus 4938/CR Ompagrill

136,70 € VAT included
112,05 € Without VAT

Barbecue with piezoelectric ignition, equipped with a scratch-resistant enamelled steel grill, heated by lava rock interposed...

Butane Gas cartridge CP 250 Riviera for Stove Campingaz

2,22 € VAT included
1,82 € Without VAT

Format: 250 gr cartridge butane gas standard format, for use with gas burners of all brands. Ideal for gas stoves Campingaz B...

September pliers, shovel and fork stainless steel Ompagrill 3360

10,19 € VAT included
8,35 € Without VAT

3-piece set consisting of forceps, spatula and meat fork made of stainless steel. Perfect for the barbecue. Size: 36 cm Cod, ...



P30 Riflebox Fuciliera 3 Places Potent

109,43 € VAT included
89,70 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P30 Cabinet is made of sturdy steel, NOT equipped with a small treasure, it can safely hold 3 rifles and...

Wardrobe Portafucili TCH / 5 Fuciliera 5 Places Technomax

174,96 € VAT included
143,41 € Without VAT

Capacity: 5 rifles Model TCH / 5 Technomax is the armored steel cabinet with internal treasure, ideal for storing safely up t...

Closet Portafucili TCL / 10 Fuciliera 10 Places Technomax

240,83 € VAT included
197,40 € Without VAT

Color: Wood (cherry) Capacity: 10 rifles Model TCL / 10 Technomax, it is the closet Portafucili armored with nice finis...

P70T Fuciliera Cabinet 7-Seat Rifle Gun Potent

164,94 € VAT included
135,20 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P70T Wardrobe is made of sturdy steel, has an internal treasure and can safely hold up to 7 rifles and r...


Tuta Protettiva Tyvek Dupont Classic Xpert CHF5 CAT.III TIPO 5-6

Available sizes M to XXXL in special overalls professional Dupont Tyvek ® for protection against liquids, dust, chemicals and particles; with a hood. Discover more details inside!

5,64 €

VAT included

4,62 €

Without VAT


Fungicida Polti 20 Conf. 1 Kg Al.Fe

5,56 € VAT included
5,35 € Without VAT

Foliar fertilizer based on boron and copper sulfate. It allows to treat the physiopathies linked to the deficiency of the two...

Fertilizer Liquid Fertilizer for Succulent Plants 1 Liter Al.Fe

4,90 € VAT included
4,71 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter Fertilizer fertilizer specially designed for all plants of this family. Thanks to the perfectly balanced form...

Liquid fertilizer for flowering plants 1 Liter Al.Fe

4,91 €   4,96 € VAT included
4,72 €   4,77 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter Liquid mineral fertilizer for all flowering plants in pots or on the ground. The balanced relationship betwee...

Fertilizer Liquid fertilizer for Green Plants 1 Liter Al.Fe

3,88 € VAT included
3,73 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter Liquid mineral fertilizer ideal for the nutrition of all green plants in pots, apartment and balcony: ficus, ...