Hypoallergenic TPE Semi-mask Respirator 2 Filters MEDOPAIR II Lansec Italia

29,35 € VAT included
24,06 € Without VAT

Made of hypoallergenic TPE: very soft and comfortable material. Provides excellent protection, comfort and regulation. It off...

TPE Half Mask Respirator for 2 ETNA 2000 Mile Filters

29,28 € VAT included
24,00 € Without VAT

Semi-mask of universal size, equipped with two bayonet quick couplings, for 2000 series filters, suitable for protection from...

Mask Protective Protective Mask in Washable Fabric 6 Veils with Elastics

4,11 € VAT included
3,37 € Without VAT

Washable protective mask with elastic bands Material: TNT FABRIC 30gr / m2 100% UV stabilized Polypropylene Washable at max 3...

Full Face Mask Respirator with 6800 3M Valve

160,55 € VAT included
131,60 € Without VAT

The 3M ™ 6800 reusable full face mask is equipped with a wide polycarbonate lens and a face made of elastomeric, soft and hyp...


Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloe 500 ml Evin Care

7,14 € VAT included
5,85 € Without VAT

Format: 500 ml EVIN CARE Hand sanitizing gel with alcohol-based formulation and Aloe extract acts in seconds leaving the hand...

Active Chlorine Sanitizing Cleanser for Surfaces Maurer

4,45 € VAT included
3,65 € Without VAT

Available in various formats. Ready-to-use sanitizing detergent for spray use in the food industry, beverage bottling, the da...

Hand Sanitizing Liquid Gel Disinfectant 70% Alcohol 1 Liter Antigerm

11,24 € VAT included
9,21 € Without VAT

Format: 1 Liter The Antigerm liquid gel is a hand sanitizer that acts in a few seconds and without the need to rinse. Its act...

Hand Sanitizer Sanitizing Gel 100 ml Dikson

3,54 € VAT included
2,90 € Without VAT

Format: 100 ml Formulated with special sanitizing substances for the skin of the hands and with Alcohol and Piroctone Olamine...


Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to use protective gloves" 20x30 cm

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to use protective gloves" Dimensions: 20x30 cm

Aluminum sign "It is mandatory to wear the mask" cm.35x12.5

5,08 € VAT included
4,16 € Without VAT

Aluminum sign "Mask must be worn" Fixing with screws Dimensions: 35x12.5 cm

Aluminum Sign "Mandatory Safety Shoes" cm.20x30

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum Sign "Mandatory Safety Shoes" Dimensions: 20x30 cm

Aluminum Obligation Sign "Wear Protective Clothing" 20x30 cm

3,67 € VAT included
3,01 € Without VAT

Aluminum Obligation Sign "Wear Protective Clothing" Dimensions: 20x30 cm

New arrivals


BASIC Errebi remote control for gates

18,12 € VAT included
14,85 € Without VAT


KE2008 Kemper Gas Camping Stove

18,41 € VAT included
15,09 € Without VAT


BELLAVISTA Protective Face, Eyes and Nose Visor with Sanitizable PET Screen

10,03 € VAT included
8,22 € Without VAT


Pressure Storage Nebulizer Pump Aggressive Products VITO 7lt PRP070PC Ribimex

20,75 € VAT included
17,01 € Without VAT



SHP 60 Petrol Hedge Trimmer

197,41 € VAT included
161,81 € Without VAT

Reliable and comfortable for gardening professionals. The Stiga SHP 60 petrol-powered hedge trimmer will satisfy the most dem...

Petrol hedge trimmer petrol mixture TGS 2470 P Efco

431,39 € VAT included
353,60 € Without VAT

Efco renews the range of hedge trimmers by proposing to the most demanding professionals and enthusiasts three models with an...

Hedge Trimmer with Electric Pruner with Extension 450W / 710W 94605 Papillon

146,38 € VAT included
119,98 € Without VAT

Hedge trimmer + electric pruner with extension "PAPILLON" mod. TES. Hedge trimmer power 450W - pruner power 710W Hedge trimme...

TGi 45 Battery Hedge Trimmer with Bi 2,5 EF Battery and CRG Efco Battery Charger

216,59 € VAT included
177,53 € Without VAT

The TGi 45 cordless hedge trimmer is your ally in garden care. Quiet, light, without electric cable and exhaust gas: with the...


Wardrobe Portafucili TCH / 5 Fuciliera 5 Places Technomax

176,81 € VAT included
144,93 € Without VAT

Capacity: 5 rifles Model TCH / 5 Technomax is the armored steel cabinet with internal treasure, ideal for storing safely up t...

Closet Portafucili TCL / 10 Fuciliera 10 Places Technomax

245,95 € VAT included
201,60 € Without VAT

Color: Wood (cherry) Capacity: 10 rifles Model TCL / 10 Technomax, it is the closet Portafucili armored with nice finis...

P30 Riflebox Fuciliera 3 Places Potent

109,43 € VAT included
89,70 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P30 Cabinet is made of sturdy steel, NOT equipped with a small treasure, it can safely hold 3 rifles and...

P70T Fuciliera Cabinet 7-Seat Rifle Gun Potent

164,94 € VAT included
135,20 € Without VAT

Color: Dark Gray The P70T Wardrobe is made of sturdy steel, has an internal treasure and can safely hold up to 7 rifles and r...