Dice Fresato Da 1/4 "Art.719 Airex


1/4 "milled nut Art.719

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Universal Compressed Air Set with 13412136 Granit Pressure Gauge


Universal compressed air set with pressure gauge Code: 13412136 composed of: tube length 8 m, half-coupling and pipe union, pressure gauge 0-10 bar Weight: 1.04 kg

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40,37 € Without VAT

Universal Compressed Air Set 13412135 Granit


Universal compressed air set without pressure gauge Code: 13412135 made up of: tube length 8 m, half-coupling and pipe union Weight: 948 g

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Key for GPL Bottles mm.21 083577 Maurer


Bent wrench mm.21 for gas cylinder.

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Detects Getaway Gas Spray F36 ml.400 Faren


Size: 400 ml For installations of LPG, Methane, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, CO2, Helium, Argon, etc. It detects loss even in high temperature piping, both vertical and horizontal.

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Kit 5 accessories Compressor 1559847 Valex


Contents: Gun with pressure gauge for inflation. Blow gun. Spray gun with lower cup 0,8l. Washing gun with lower cup 0,9l. 5m spiral hose with bayonet and quick connector terminals.

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Hydraulic Pump Test Equipment 50 Bar 3801.00 Cosmos


Suction and discharge volume: 35 cm³. Fuel tank capacity: 12 liters. Maximum pressure: 60 bar. Tank size: 50x19,5x14 cm. epoxy paint.

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Ricerca Gas Spray ml.400 Eco Service

Eco Service

Format: 400 ml Research Gas is the fastest and surest system to find gas leaks in those points undergoing pressure (boilers, cookers, stoves, pipes). Spray the product from a distance of 20 cm from the surface and wait for the formation of bubbles in the presence of gas leaks. Great for micro leaks of gas.

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Getaway Gas Detector Spray ml.300 096,901 Maurer


Format: 300 ml ideal gas leak detector to locate gas leaks (also flammable) or compressed air in pipes, compressors, pressure tanks, etc. The product is neither toxic nor harmful to the environment and man, does not stain and does not oxidize.

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Pressostato 4 Vie 475T NE-MA Q50887 Airex


4-way switch, for air compressors. Art. 475T NE-MA Cod. Q50887

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