Nickel-Plated Tablecloth Hook with Spiral Spring 60mm Rapid


Nickel-plated tablecloth with spiral spring height mm. 60 Max table thickness: 50 mm

0,61 € VAT included
0,50 € Without VAT

Sultan / Daily corkscrew

"Sultano / Daily" lever corkscrew, heavy and varnished.

7,64 € VAT included
6,26 € Without VAT

Chestnut pan ø30 cm

Chestnut pan with wooden handle. Diameter pan: 30 cm

5,88 € VAT included
4,82 € Without VAT

Coffee Maker Moka Bialetti 3 Cups

The original Moka Express evolves. The aesthetic transformation is expressed in softer lines in the handle, knob and lid, in the sleek glossy finish and in the visibility of the mustache. Total quality and safety.

28,50 € VAT included
23,36 € Without VAT

Nickel Plated Artichoke Art.721-2


universal nickel plated steel stoppers.

0,39 € VAT included
0,32 € Without VAT

Cast Iron Plate cm.39x39

Enamelled cast iron plate With smooth and grooved plan for all types of food Dimensions: 39x39 cm

41,02 € VAT included
33,62 € Without VAT

Plastic Traverser

Plastic conveyor with push-button tap

5,42 € VAT included
4,44 € Without VAT

Tap for Traversator

Universal tap for transducers. In food plastic

10,09 € VAT included
8,27 € Without VAT

Sponge Gumper for Siphon Filler Bottles

Sponge Gumper for Siphon Filler Bottles

1,02 € VAT included
0,84 € Without VAT

Plastic hook for Kitchen

plastic hook 1 place, ideal for hanging pot holders, towels, etc. Assorted colors.

0,31 € VAT included
0,25 € Without VAT