CCC Carbonate CB 325 for Electrode Machine Tool


Code CB 325 Pair of charcoals suitable for the following Makita power tools: 9554HN, 9554HNG, 9554NB, 9555NB, 9557HN, 9557HNG, 9557HNRG, 9557HP, 9557NB, 9557NBR, 9557PB, 9558HN, 9558HNRG, 9558HP, 9558HPG, 9558NB, 9558PB, 9564H, 9565H , BO6050J, GD0600, GD0602, GA4540, GA4540R, GA5040R, HR2230, HR2300 Image is for illustrative purposes only.

3,37 € VAT included
2,76 € Without VAT

Diamond-coated Anti-Vibration Disc 125 mm B-38560 Makita


Anti-vibration diamond blade 125 mm x M14 Makita Art. B-38560

81,74 € VAT included
67,00 € Without VAT

Universal Support for Angle Grinder 081 996 Maurer


Universal support for angle grinder diam. mm.115-125 cast aluminum painted steel base mm. 240x240mm.

42,79 € VAT included
35,07 € Without VAT

Key rings 35mm 228.00 PG Professional

PG Professional

operation tool suitable for ferrules from 20 to 35 mm. Perfect for the adjustment of the ring nut of the grinder. Length: cm.16,5 Cod. 228.00

2,21 € VAT included
1,81 € Without VAT

Adjustable Wrench for locknuts 20-35mm 230.00 PG Professional

PG Professional

Adjustable universal service nut wrench from 20 to 35 mm. Length 19 cm Cod. 230.00

4,81 € VAT included
3,94 € Without VAT

C Carbon Carbonate CB 318 for Makita Electrode


Code CB 318 (EX 310) Pair of charcoals suitable for the following Makita power tools: 9561CV, 9561CVH, 9561CVR, 9562CVH, 9564 / Z, 9565 / Z, 9565CLR, 9565CV, 9565CVL, 9565CVR, 9565PCV, 9566CVR, BO6040, GA4540C, GA5040C , GA6040CF, GD0800C, GD0801C, GD0810C, GD0811C, PC5010C, PO6000C Image is for reference only.

7,60 € VAT included
6,23 € Without VAT