Roll Polyester Cover Sheet with Tape

Available in various sizes. Polyester cover with adhesive tape

1,79 € VAT included
1,47 € Without VAT

Muiltiuso Beach Towel T / 20 Art.52703 Maurer


Multipurpose multipurpose cover MQ.16 MAURER in polyethylene T 20. Size: 4x4 mt

1,13 € VAT included
0,93 € Without VAT

Felt Coupled Floor Protection


Available in 2 sizes. Felt coupled to a polyethylene film. Ideal for protecting floors, hardwood floors and other surfaces from paint or from accidental falling objects. Highly absorbent, washable, can be folded and reused many times.

11,20 € VAT included
9,18 € Without VAT

Drop Cloth Recyclable Ecoplatinum 4x6m Ribimex


translucent curtain ideal for everything related to the fruit and vegetable cultivation (greenhouses, protections, etc.) but also to protect objects and matieriali. Made of 100% recyclable. Dimensions: 4x6 meters Weight: 70 gr / m² (equivalent to 200 g / sq m of traditional cloths).

20,84 € VAT included
17,08 € Without VAT

Paper with Masking Tape

Available in 2 sizes. Masking paper with adhesive tape ideal to mask surfaces during the various painting cycles. Ideal in the professional field, allows a considerable saving of time.

1,29 € VAT included
1,06 € Without VAT

Masking Tape with Polyethylene Transparent Sheet

Available in 4 sizes. Masking tape roll with clear polyethylene sheet. Ideal for masking surfaces such as windows, doors, furniture, baseboards and sills during the various painting cycles. Other uses: construction, bodywork and painting.

1,38 € VAT included
1,13 € Without VAT

Paper Masking Tape

Available in 8 sizes. The paper adhesive tapes for masking are products that are different uses, not only in industrial applications, but also in the life of every day, that in all those craft projects and do-it-yourself. The paper tapes are available in different versions and depending on the types of work that is going to play.

0,84 € VAT included
0,69 € Without VAT

Telo Copritutto Multiuso 100 sqm 4x25m Geko


This polyethylene sheet of high density can be used to cover anything and protects from paint, painting, water, dust and moisture.
Durable, lightweight, reusable, economical, ecological. Format: 4x25 m (100 sq m) Pack of 1 roll.

6,27 € VAT included
5,14 € Without VAT

Telo copritutto Transparent Geko


Tarpaulin copritutto polyethylene
Dimensions: 4 x 4 m

Art. Full Cover
Cod. 187021

1,09 € VAT included
0,89 € Without VAT