GC-M Multi-Star® Wolf Garten Roof and Gutter Cleaner

Wolf Garten

The angle of the tool is adjustable, to work best in any condition. The brush is replaceable, equipped with a scraper to remove stubborn dirt. Shovel on the opposite side to remove all the material

26,58 € VAT included
21,79 € Without VAT

3 Seater Rocking Mod. Sorrento

3-seater swing seat with brown painted steel tube frame, seat in brown 600D polyester fabric. Dimensions 170x115x152cm. Packaging 136x56x16cm. Weight 23kg.

87,62 € VAT included
71,82 € Without VAT

Naxos Honeycomb Porch 80x120 cm

Shelter with arms in reinforced polypropylene, aluminum profiles on both the front and back. The alveolar polycarbonate cover has a striped appearance. Modular and extensible laterally.

38,36 € VAT included
31,44 € Without VAT

Seat for Swing Max 50Kg capacity

Seat for swing with a maximum capacity of 50 kg (children 3/12 years). Dimensions: 38x16 Assorted colors: yellow / blue

10,48 € VAT included
8,59 € Without VAT

Base for PVC umbrella cm.45x45x10 M137000 ICS


Universal padding base for umbrellas. Robust white PVC structure. Dimensions: 45x45x10 cm

5,73 € VAT included
4,70 € Without VAT

Foldable Chair Steel + PVC Brown 45x50x88 cm 99043 Papillon


Folding chair in brown PVC. Steel frame and molded rattan. Size 45x50x88h cm.

22,73 € VAT included
18,63 € Without VAT

Pretend Roll Hedge Perennial Lauro

Mondo Verde

Available in 2 sizes. Synthetic Hedge roll with a natural effect. It protects the privacy and intimacy of the house, terrace and garden. It replaces and / or supplements the natural hedge, even during periods of growth. It is applied and removed in minutes without tools. It does not require maintenance. It attracts insects. It resists and protects from the wind. Washable with a simple water jet. fast colors and durable thanks to the UV treatment. Model bay leaf. This new coupling system of the leaves, which are a single body with the stem ensures a better weather resistance and durability, avoiding the problem of fallen leaves. cover density "Total Privacy System" = more leaves per sq.m.

24,68 € VAT included
20,23 € Without VAT

Kit Torches - 4 caps Universal Wick 100 cm + - 10 For Torches

Mondo Verde

universal and wicks Stoppers for 10 torches Four universal plugs torches and parts made of pure cotton wicks (100 cm), which are obtained by sectioning the wicks up to 10 depending on the size of the torch tank.

2,32 € VAT included
1,90 € Without VAT

Wick Replacement 20 Torches

Mondo Verde

Length: 200 cm - for 20 torches The pure cotton wicks parts are composed of a single skein by 200 cm, which are obtained by sectioning the wicks up to 20 depending on the size of the torch tank.

1,74 € VAT included
1,43 € Without VAT

Synthetic Lawn "Carpet Tap" mt.3x2

Mondo Verde

Format: H.2 x 3 meters Synthetic Lawn, recreational and home accessories. Particularly suitable for construction of urban and private green, play areas and recreational playgrounds and entertainment in general. Height: 2 meters Ready to installation, requires no additional material (sand, polymers, etc). It responds to the latest guidelines of quality and safety with certifications on request. And 'non-toxic, it is draining, flush with self-extinguishing, UV-resistant UV 1-year warranty.

33,39 € VAT included
27,37 € Without VAT