Verdelook Outdoor Folding Garden Table 180x70x74 cm


Folding table with painted steel structure and HDPE plastic top. Very easy to fold and transport thanks to the fabric handle with handle. Maximum capacity: 150/200 kg Open dimensions: 180x70x74 cm. Folded dimensions: 92x72x9.5 cm. Weight: 14.5 / 15.5 kg.

60,49 € VAT included
49,58 € Without VAT

Stoppino Stoppini Corda Spare for 10 Torches in Bamboo from Papillon Garden


10 spare wicks for bamboo garden torches Length: 21 cm

2,18 € VAT included
1,79 € Without VAT

Beach Beach Umbrella 200 cm with Bow Tilt


Umbrella round sea-beach with inclination with cloth diameter 2 m in polyester 180 g / sqm Equipped with pole and single piece tip in aluminum 28/32 mm and protection factor UV50 + UPF 98% Complete with transport

25,25 € VAT included
20,70 € Without VAT

Garden Gazebo in Painted Steel Mod. ALBUFEIRA 3x3 mt Papillon


Foldable gazebo mod. ALBUFEIRA with white painted steel structure, folding umbrella with carrying bag Cover made of 160g / m2 polyester in beige Size 3x3x2.6h cm Section structure: 25x25 mm 20x20 mm, 10x18 mm

73,30 € VAT included
60,08 € Without VAT

Outdoor Garden Round Table LACHEA Painted Polyrattan Steel Brown Glass Shelf 60xH70cm Papillon - FerramentaMania


Round table mod. LACHEA in painted steel, polyrattan and glass shelf - brown color Dimensions: 60xH70cm Ideal for use in the garden, terrace, bar.

31,77 € VAT included
26,04 € Without VAT

Outdoor Chair Garden Chair LACHEA Polyrattan Painted Steel Papillon Brown


Armchair for outdoor chair mod. LACHEA in painted steel and brown polyrattan Dimensions: 54x57x73h cm - stackable Ideal for use in the garden, terrace, bar.

24,25 € VAT included
19,88 € Without VAT

Naxos Shelter in Compact Polycarbonate 100x150 cm


Shelter with reinforced polypropylene arms, aluminum profiles both on the front and on the back. The compact polycarbonate cover has a smooth appearance. The Naxos shelter is modular and extensible laterally.

69,69 € VAT included
57,12 € Without VAT

Garden Gazebo in Painted Steel Mod. NORTE 3x3 mt Papillon


Gazebo mod. NORTE Papillon with painted steel structure and polyethylene cover 100 g / m² beige color Size 3x3x2,5h m

30,57 € VAT included
25,06 € Without VAT

Outdoor Square Garden Table in Aluminum with Adjustable Feet 60x60 H70cm 780/49 White Double-Decker

Square aluminum outdoor table with adjustable feet Dimensions: 60x60 H70cm Ideal for use in the garden, terrace, bar.

47,29 € VAT included
38,76 € Without VAT

Stackable Aluminum Tube Outdoor Chair 54x59 H74cm 780/47 Bacchi

Outdoor chair in aluminum tube Ø 25x1.2 mm. Dimensions: 54x59 cm H.74 Ideal for use in the garden, terrace, bar.

27,47 € VAT included
22,52 € Without VAT