Botticello Thermal Bottle with Faucet 10.75 lt CIAO 10 Giò Style

Giò Style

Totally in polypropylene suitable for food contact and characterized by a thermal insulation in foamed polyurethane foam which guarantees high thermal performance. Gio'Style Hello! Bottle 10 is equipped with a tap, a handle for easy transport, has a capacity of 10.75 liters and has performance up to a maximum of 16 hours. Dimensions: 26.5x28x40cm

32,74 € VAT included
26,84 € Without VAT

Portable Passive Refrigerator Box Lt.25 Papillon 99213


Passive portable refrigerator, keeps the temperature of the products inside thanks to the thermal insulation. Capacity: 25 liters Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 390 mm

12,93 € VAT included
10,60 € Without VAT

Lt.25 Electric Portable Fridge Box Art.99215 Papillon


PAPILLON electric portable fridge box with hot and cold function. Capacity 25 L Equipped with 12V plug and 220V plug Energy efficiency class A + Dimensions: 380x260x430H mm

57,22 € VAT included
46,90 € Without VAT

Double Layered Green Cloth for SikuroTech Covers


Available in 10 sizes. Green sheeted eyelet made of reinforced polyethylene double layer Eyelets every 50 cm. Ideal for home, garden, camping and industry, for all types of coverage. Stabilized against UV rays. Grammage: 120 gr / mq

4,10 € VAT included
3,36 € Without VAT

Sandwich Cutlery Set 27045 Ausonia


Stainless steel camping set set. Stainless steel - Container plastic cups.

10,99 € VAT included
9,01 € Without VAT

Passive Passenger Fridge Lt.25 Papillon 95179


Passive portable refrigerator, keeps the temperature of the products inside by the thermal insulation. Capacity: 25 Liters Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 390 mm

15,32 € VAT included
12,56 € Without VAT

2x Ice Tiles Fridge Bag 2x gr.400 Olè Giò Style

Giò Style

Format: 2 x 400 gr. Pair of ice plates ideal for cooler-heat, 12 hours, ready to freeze. The exclusive gel contained in the tiles is formulated to keep the cooling action longer. The gel is totally non-toxic and the tile is designed to prevent it from leaking out making it hygienic and safe.

1,40 € VAT included
1,15 € Without VAT

Borsa Termica Travel Lunch Lt.7 Giò Style

Giò Style

Fully PVC free thermal bag both external and internal parts with high density insulation with 10 mm thick expanded polyethylene. It is equipped with a comfortable adjustable shoulder strap for easy transport and straps in the back so that it can be hooked onto the bicycle handlebar. It has a wide U-shaped opening that facilitates access to the contents

12,75 € VAT included
10,45 € Without VAT

4 Pegs with Eyelet cm.24 Ribimex


ISet 4 of 4 stakes with eyelet, height 24 cm. Use: buttonholed sheeting, tarpaulins, tents, etc.

3,07 € VAT included
2,52 € Without VAT

Cloth nonwoven fabric Papillon


Available in 2 sizes. Non-woven fiber fabric cloth made of polypropylene. Weight: 17 gr./mq. Lightweight, permeable to air, water and light. It protects against cold, wind, insects and birds.

3,46 € VAT included
2,84 € Without VAT