Portable Passive Refrigerator Box Lt.25 Papillon 99213


Passive portable refrigerator, keeps the temperature of the products inside thanks to the thermal insulation. Capacity: 25 liters Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 390 mm

12,93 € VAT included
10,60 € Without VAT

Lt.25 Electric Portable Fridge Box Art.99215 Papillon


PAPILLON electric portable fridge box with hot and cold function. Capacity 25 L Equipped with 12V plug and 220V plug Energy efficiency class A + Dimensions: 380x260x430H mm

57,90 € VAT included
47,46 € Without VAT

SikuroTech double-sided eye-catcher


Available in 10 sizes. Elegant double-layer reinforced polythene eyelets Eyelets every 50 cm. Ideal for home, garden, camping and industry, for all types of roofing. Stabilized to UV rays. Weight: 120 gr / sqm

4,10 € VAT included
3,36 € Without VAT

Sandwich Cutlery Set 27045 Ausonia


Stainless steel camping set set. Stainless steel - Container plastic cups.

10,24 € VAT included
8,39 € Without VAT

Passive Passenger Fridge Lt.25 Papillon 95179


Passive portable refrigerator, keeps the temperature of the products inside by the thermal insulation. Capacity: 25 Liters Dimensions: 380 x 260 x 390 mm

15,32 € VAT included
12,56 € Without VAT

2x Tiles for Ice 2x gr.400 Olè GiòStyle

Giò Style

Size: 2 x 400 gr. Pair of Ice Plates, lasting 12 hours The exclusive gel contained in the tiles is formulated to keep the cooler longer. The gel is totally non-toxic and the tile is designed to avoid leakage making it hygienic and safe.

1,35 € VAT included
1,11 € Without VAT

Borsa Termica Travel Lunch Lt.7 Giò Style

Giò Style

Capacity: 7 Liters Assorted colors: green, red, blue. Dimensions: 26x17x16 cm

12,75 € VAT included
10,45 € Without VAT

4 Pegs with Eyelet cm.24 Ribimex


ISet 4 of 4 stakes with eyelet, height 24 cm. Use: buttonholed sheeting, tarpaulins, tents, etc.

3,07 € VAT included
2,52 € Without VAT

Cloth nonwoven fabric Papillon


Available in 2 sizes. Non-woven fiber fabric cloth made of polypropylene. Weight: 17 gr./mq. Lightweight, permeable to air, water and light. It protects against cold, wind, insects and birds.

3,46 € VAT included
2,84 € Without VAT

Folding chair with bag Camouflage 1457054 Valex


Folding chair with metal structure and finishing of synthetic material with camouflage removable nylon bag with 6 pockets. Dimensions: 45x41x30 cm

21,25 € VAT included
17,42 € Without VAT