Protective Anti-adhesive Release Spray for Rubber and Plastic Molds 400ml F75 Faren


Format: 400 ml F75 Faren Antiadhesive Colorless and odorless, excellent gliding and with great detaching power. It allows easy separation of the plastic from the mold, by simply opening it

3,77 € VAT included
3,09 € Without VAT

Welding Nozzle for Welding Machine HG5002-650C P-71451 Makita


Nozzle to weld HG5002-650C welder Cod. P-71451 Makita

10,41 € VAT included
8,53 € Without VAT

Protective Gloves from Soldering Iron Montana 804105 Telwin


Pair of professional gloves, ideal for protecting hands and forearms while using the welder or grinder. One size. Measurements: 35x14 cm Cod. MONTANA 804105

8,60 € VAT included
7,05 € Without VAT

Welding Magnetic Positioner 802583 Telwin


Ideal for holding the materials to be welded during welding operations Allows the materials to be angled for perfect welding by setting 45, 90 and 135 angles The powerful magnet makes it possible to move slabs and profiles up to 22kg and lift up to 8kg

5,38 € VAT included
4,41 € Without VAT

Consumables Kit Torch MIG MT15 804137 Telwin


Kit containing: Nr 5 springs for nozzles; Nr 5 Fe-Ss, CuSi 0.6 mm contact tubes; Nr 5 Fe-Ss, CuSi contact tubes, 0.8 mm; Nr 5 Al-Flux contact tubes 0.8 mm; Nr 3 conical nozzles; Nr 3 gas diffusers.

23,83 € VAT included
19,53 € Without VAT

Sheath Wire Guide D. 1-1.2 mm 722516 Telwiin


Thread guide sheath D. 1-1.2 mm 3mt.

32,61 € VAT included
26,73 € Without VAT

Monobloc Acetylene Cutting Tip for Cannelli Mod. MUJVER

Available in various sizes. Single-piece cutting tip for torches mod. MUJVER

27,46 € VAT included
22,51 € Without VAT

Pressure Reducer 2 Manometers for CO2 / ARGON G11055

CO2 / ARGON pressure reducer with safety valve and stainless steel filter Pressure gauges with rubber caps and outlet hose

86,13 € VAT included
70,60 € Without VAT

Support for Electric Welder 170011 Kemper

Support for electric welder, third hand with magnifying glass.

12,88 € VAT included
10,56 € Without VAT

Kemper 12100KIT Professional Rechargeable Gas Microfusion Kit

Professional micro-welder with transparent body for gas level verification, perfect for welding, pyrography and hot cutting. Operating temperature: 650 ° -1300 ° Complete with the following accessories: knife for cutting, flat torch, deflector, blower head, watertight roll, cleaning sponge

48,19 € VAT included
39,50 € Without VAT