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Assortment 140 Fuses for Cars 0318 Fervi


Assortment of: 2A 10pc, 3A 10pc, 4A 10pc, 5A 10pc, 7.5A 20pc, 10A 10pc, 15A 20pc, 20A 20pc, 25A 20pc, 30A 10pc

11,10 € VAT included
9,10 € Without VAT

Maurer Plus Polyester Fiberglass Repair Kit


Kit composed of: 750 ml of polyester resin with catalyst 0,5 m² glass wool ideal for fiberglass tanks, spoilers of trucks or cars, repair of vats, panels of vans both for interior and exterior, repair of fiberglass artifacts etc. . - its use occurs by catalysing the 2% resin with the mek catalyst. The excellent quality of the resin with the glass wool gives it a unique and lasting structure with the piece to be repaired with an excellent mechanical resistance.

16,73 € VAT included
13,71 € Without VAT

Cable Starting with Pliers 400A cm.350 35 mm² Art.00376


Art. 00376 Type: 400 A Length: 3500 mm Section: 35 mm²

60,61 € VAT included
49,68 € Without VAT

Car Seat Cover Art.5750 Bahco


Car seat covers. Protects the seat during maintenance. Material: durable and easily washable nylon. Length: 1400 mm

9,52 € VAT included
7,80 € Without VAT

Tester Luminoso 6-24V mm.125 7885501504 Ks Tools


Operating voltage: 6 - 24 V Weight: 30 g Length: 125.0 mm Material: Brass Weight: 42 g

6,28 € VAT included
5,15 € Without VAT

Replacement Valve for Rabbits of Rabbocco 50791970165

Inner thread (mm): 42 Drain valve for distilled water and battery for acid The valve is at the end of the spout and is actuated by supporting it on the battery hole. Nozzle: Ø 11.5 mm

13,52 € VAT included
11,08 € Without VAT

Antifreeze Meter 5005100 Granite


Antifreeze indicator -41 ° C for ethanediol (ethylene glycol) water mixtures. Glass cylinder - glass isometer - correction table thermometer. Determination of antifreeze protection at all refrigeration water temperatures according to the built-in correction table. Code: 5005100 Version: Full tool length: 360 mm Suction volume: 40 ml

13,41 € VAT included
10,99 € Without VAT

Lighter 12V mm.28 58568


12V lighter for cars and agricultural machinery Dima: 28 mm

14,01 € VAT included
11,48 € Without VAT

Dismantling lever mm.600 38-24 Bahco tires


Tire disassembly lever. Length: 600 mm Finish: Nickel and chromed. Very robust but light and comfortable construction. Material: vanadium steel, glossy finish.

27,78 € VAT included
22,77 € Without VAT

Pair Cables Aluminum Connection Battery 2.5m 1200121 Valex


Aluminum cable - Pliers isolated. section 16 mm² cable length 2.5 m

13,94 € VAT included
11,43 € Without VAT