Accessories for Disinfection and Agricultural Irrigation Systems



Turbo Head for Lance with Lever Art.02235 Ama


Turo head for lever lance, with ceramic nozzle Ø 1,5 mm Art. 02235

5,16 € VAT included
4,23 € Without VAT

Ring with Steel Nozzle 1,5 mm Ama


Brass ring complete with steel nozzle with 1.5mm hole Material: widia. Applicable seal: art.02019 Application: 01593, 01594, 01596, 02019, 02773, 10121, 10122, 10123, 10124 Art.02009

5,26 € VAT included
4,31 € Without VAT

Yellow Fan Nozzle Ø0,8 Anti-suction Antiderive Ama


They emit large drops full of air bubbles that break in contact with the crop by dividing into finer droplets. This avoids the problems of drift caused by the wind and, at the same time, prevents large drops from bouncing on the surface of the crop to be treated, canceling the effects of the treatment itself, the nozzle insert is removable to facilitate cleaning and holes lateral sections reduce the possibility of blocking the nozzle when operating on dusty grounds, 110 ° spray angle, constant coverage over a wide pressure range. Colors coded according to ISO10625 standards. External body molded in Delrin, ceramic head, drift reduction from 79% to 96% (at 3 bar), compared to conventional nozzles

6,22 € VAT included
5,10 € Without VAT

Nylon Ring Holder


Available in 3 sizes. Nylon straight hose clamp with ring nut.

1,31 € VAT included
1,07 € Without VAT

Raccordo per Cisterna F 1.1/2" x 60 mm

Raccordo per Cisterna F 1.1/2" x 60 mm

10,60 € VAT included
8,69 € Without VAT

Polyethylene Tube Sleeve

Available in 2 sizes. Polyethylene tube sleeve.

2,03 € VAT included
1,66 € Without VAT

Polypropylene threaded sleeve

Available in 3 sizes. Polypropylene sleeve (PP). Max operating temperature: 80 ° C. Thread: cylindrical gas conforming to UNI ISO 228/1. Max pressure: 10 bar at 20 ° C. Component for rigid or flexible piping to equip machines and apparatus of various types.

0,81 € VAT included
0,66 € Without VAT

Fine Line Cap ø 32 mm

Line end cap ø 32 mm For polyethylene tubes

2,93 € VAT included
2,40 € Without VAT

Nozzle holder Arag 000076 U


Nozzle holder CAVALLOTTO Supplied without nozzle and filter. Body nylon high resistance. Head threaded G 3/8. Pressure: 20 bar. D: 20 mm F: 7.0 mm

1,46 € VAT included
1,20 € Without VAT

Fast Quick Fitting Seal

Quick release hose clip

0,49 € VAT included
0,40 € Without VAT