Complete System Cleaner Diesel Supply Arexons


Complete System Cleaner Diesel Supply Arexons


Size: 250 ml

exerts a fast action of detergent, thoroughly cleaning the entire power system and thus increasing the efficiency of the motor. Counteracts corrosion and mold caused by the percentage of biodiesel in the present Law for diesel.

7,70 € VAT included
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  • Excellent performance in the descaling and cleaning of injectors
  • Average increase of 2 points for cetane number, with consequent improvements in cold starting and reduced noise
  • Improving the "lubricity" of gas oils with low sulfur content
  • Extension of maintenance intervals and fuel economy
  • The entire contents of the bottle is poured into the tank, preferably before refueling
  • Repeat every 6000 km
  • One pack is sufficient to treat 50 liters of fuel
  • Cod. 9795

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