Sonax Climaclean Hygienizer for Air Conditioners ml.150

Size: 150 ml The presence of moisture, dust and condensation on the cooler radiator is fertile ground for bacterial proliferation, causing bad smells and allergic reactions. SONAX ClimaClean combines antibacterial action with an effective and lasting detergent action. Follow the directions for use.

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9,72 € Without VAT

Hygienizing Spray for Air Conditioners 16 VMD 400 ml

Size: 400 ml Conditioner foam for conditioners Sweet scent Ideal for automotive and civil engineering systems Cylinder delivery 60 cm incl.

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2,75 € Without VAT

Climate Swamm Cleansing Cleanser for Climate Controls ml.400 Faren


Size: 400 ml Klima Swamm is a foaming cleanser for air conditioners. The foam penetrates, cleanses and hygienises with quaternary ammonium salts.

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Sanitizing Spray F20 for air conditioners 400 ml Faren


Format: 400 ml
spray sanitizer for cleaning total and professional of all air conditioning and climate control.
It contains quaternary ammonium salts. Hygienic action.

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