Air/ Gas Pipes



Gas Hose

Available in 2 sizes. Flexible hose for FF left-hand gas connection. Complies with the UNI 7129 standard

5,93 € VAT included
4,86 € Without VAT

Spiral Tube for Air Compressed mt.8 06001 SikuroTech


Compressed air polyethylene spiral hose with universal compression fasteners. Length: 8 meters

6,32 € VAT included
5,18 € Without VAT

Stainless Steel Gas Pipe 1/2 "F-1/2" F Chromed


Available in 3 sizes. Gas stainless steel tube hinged EN14800. Connections: 1/2 "

9,13 € VAT included
7,48 € Without VAT

PVC SPIRAC / AL Tube Transparent with Steel Spiral


Available in 5 sizes. Sold to the meter. Transparent flexible PVC tube with dropped galvanized steel spiral. Usage: particularly suitable for feverish aspirations (wellpoint) and light flow of liquids, even foodstuffs. Bending radius: about 2 times the inner diameter. Safety factor 1 ÷ 3. Use temperature: -15 ° C + 65 ° C

2,05 € VAT included
1,68 € Without VAT

Transparent Multilayer Retained Tube mm.25x33

Sold to the meter. Diameter: 25 x 33 mm Polyvalent reinforced multi-layered tube. Flexible and transparent PVC-grade, non-yarn A-class, durable, tri-layer product, with high-strength polyester fiber reinforcement. Suitable for many uses: power supply of compressed air machines and tools, transfer of certain chemicals, water supply (water treatment), industries, etc. 24 to 40 bar - + 60 ° -15 ° C

2,81 € VAT included
2,30 € Without VAT

Tub per Gas EN14800 1/2 "FF Maurer


Available in various sizes. Pipe for gas according to EN14800, consisting of three layers, inside a flexible steel tube, covered with a braid, all wrapped in a PVC sheath. Attack: 1/2 "Female - Female

12,38 € VAT included
10,15 € Without VAT

Tubo per Gas EN14800 1/2" M-F Maurer


Available in 3 sizes. EN14800 gas hose made of three layers, inside a flexible steel tube, coated with a braid, all wrapped in a PVC sheath. Attachment: 1/2 Male - Female

12,38 € VAT included
10,15 € Without VAT

PVC pipe "Crystal" Retained

Available in 4 sizes. Sold to the meter. Transparent 3-ply transparent PVC tube Adapted to the passage of foodstuffs Supply of compressed air machines For use in building, agro-food industry, workshops Suitable for frequent and heavy use

0,84 € VAT included
0,69 € Without VAT

PVC "Crystal" Tube Transparent

Available in 2 sizes. Sold to the meter. First quality PVC monolithic tube Lightweight and transparent Passage of various fluids without pressure For industry use, agro-food industry, laboratories

0,51 € VAT included
0,42 € Without VAT

Valex Compressed Air Hose


Available in 3 sizes. FLEXIBLE TUBE FOR COMPRESSED AIR PVC TRANSPARENT Maximum operating pressure 20 bar. Ø int. / East. 8/13 type of attack: UNIVERSAL QUICK

9,71 € VAT included
7,96 € Without VAT