Electric Soldier with 4W Suction

It uses biotechnology: air stream and optical technology to attract mosquitoes and flies. Insects are attracted by UV-A light aspirated by a built-in fan and killed by contact with electric grilles. It is an ecologically safe and harmless product for human and animal health. The lamp can be used in indoor environments. It covers an area of ​​50m ^ 2.

25,03 € VAT included
20,52 € Without VAT

Electric Razor with Grate

Electric mosquito net with grille. Powered by a magnetic transformer that makes it very silent during the insect elimination process Thanks to its compact design it is the ideal solution for rooms with reduced space and low ceilings. Its small size allows installation virtually anywhere. It is particularly suitable for restaurants, factories, grocery stores, hospitals, warehouses, kitchens and all areas where bugs are a problem. Aluminum color.

41,50 € VAT included
34,02 € Without VAT

Electric Lantern Lantern

Electric flywheel LANTERNA Classic small mosquito net Small fit to hang on the ceiling It fits stylistic to all outdoor and indoor environments Safe and effective

13,54 € VAT included
11,10 € Without VAT

elettroinsetticida Cylindrical 6W 093324 Maurer


Elettroinsetticida cylindrical, made of aluminum and plastic. Power: 6W - 230V 50Hz. protection class IP X0. Action voltage 800/1000 V. Coverage Area 15 sqm Dimensions :. 13x30 cm.

11,53 € VAT included
9,45 € Without VAT

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Electrodiffuser + 10 Platelets Spira

Spira electric diffuser with 10 plates. Its insecticide and repellent action eliminates the insects in the room and prevents others from entering the window.

3,46 €   3,50 € VAT included
2,84 €   2,87 € Without VAT

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Electric mosquito liquid Spira

A line of electric mosquito liquid for quiet nights with no mosquitoes. The mosquito liquid electric system efficiently protects and safe from mosquitoes and other flying insects, even with windows open and lights on. It lasts 45 nights. It works with any type of charging.

5,44 €   5,49 € VAT included
4,46 €   4,50 € Without VAT

Reload Liquid Anti-Mosquito Spira

The liquid charging is used with a special electric diffuser. And 'effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects. It does not emit smoke, ash and leaves a pleasant scent spreads in the premises. It lasts 45 nights.

3,16 € VAT included
2,59 € Without VAT

30 Piastrine Antizanzare Spire

30 plates for electric diffuser. Insecticidal and repellent, eliminate the insects in the room and you prevent others from entering the window.

1,88 € VAT included
1,54 € Without VAT

Racket Electric Premium for Mosquitoes 7071 Sandokan


Electronic racket with knock-down generator of electric shock for the rapid and safe elimination of annoying and dangerous insects (mosquitoes, flies, horseflies, wasps, hornets, sand flies, spiders). Batteries included. Dimensions: length 465 mm x width 170 mm head. This product complies with RoHS and CE standards. Planned and designed in Italy. Cod. 7071

10,69 € VAT included
8,76 € Without VAT

Mosquito Net UV Rectangular Electric 93326 94547 94548 Maurer


Available in 4 models. Rectangular electroinsecticide - mod. JB90M, 230V 50 Hz. Protection class IP X0, operating voltage 3000 V. Made of aluminum with plastic side supports and CE standards

27,07 € VAT included
22,19 € Without VAT