Square Shower Platform 60x60cm 111-214 Dianflex

Square wooden platform for shower tray with rubber tips. Measurements: 60x60 cm Height 3 cm. Art. 111-214

14,23 € VAT included
11,66 € Without VAT

Sturalavandino to Ventosa

Available in various sizes Stural sink with suction cup

6,11 € VAT included
5,01 € Without VAT

Seat Cover Universal White Wood kg 3,5 Friges

Toilet seat Universal wooden toilet seat Color white Weight: 3.5 Kg Measurements: 370X435 mm

17,34 € VAT included
14,21 € Without VAT

Goman. Elderly Disabled Genius


Available in 4 sizes. White linear safety handle, made up of a single piece, without joints, made of steel with anti-corrosion treatment, Ø32 tube. Certification CE.

16,91 € VAT included
13,86 € Without VAT

Universal toilet seat 3000 CP Carrara & Matta

Universal toilet seat Art. 3000 CP

22,96 € VAT included
18,82 € Without VAT

Dispenser Soap Dispenser Liquid Filler with Lever 1.2 Lt Mar Plast

Liquid soap dispenser with lever filling. Capacity: 1.2 Lt Dimensions: 14x12x21.5 cm

24,18 € VAT included
19,82 € Without VAT

Seat Covers Universal S12 Spa Carrara & Matta

Tecnoplast seat entirely recyclable, designed for universal pots. Made of thermoplastic material that ensures superior durability with adjustable plastic hinges.

15,37 € VAT included
12,60 € Without VAT

Easybox Exhaust Cassette Art.19.02 Its Todini

Its Todini

EASYBOX is an exhaust box for installation in insulated ABS with anti-condensation coating and equipped with a silent float filling valve with counterpressure closing. Equipped with a double rinse button integrated into the right side cover.

28,35 € VAT included
23,24 € Without VAT

Overflow in 3 Parts Novellini Peter 140x140

NOVELLINI PETER shower tray in 3 parts with waterfall in acrylic glass with white profiles suitable for each tank.

277,55 € VAT included
227,50 € Without VAT

Pair of Universal Chrome Hinges for WC-seat

Pair of Universal Chrome Hinges for WC-seat.

5,89 € VAT included
4,83 € Without VAT