Rechargeable Battery N-P313 18V-2.0Ah NI-CD New Energy

New Energy

Rechargeable battery N-P313 18V-2.0Ah NI-CD for power tools

75,13 € VAT included
61,58 € Without VAT

Batteria per AEG 14,4V Art. N-P1713 New Energy

Battery with GBS 14.4V system, 2.0Ah NI-MH with 4 contacts

81,36 € VAT included
66,69 € Without VAT

Battery for Bosh / Wurth 10.8V-1.5Ah-Li-ION Screwdriver Art. N-P2131

Battery for Bosh / Wurth 10.8V-1.5Ah-Li-ION Screwdriver Art. N-P2131 Thanks to a special electronic circuit, these batteries can be charged either with the original chargers or with our universal models for Ni-Cd and Ni -Mh and not specifically designed for charging Lithium-Ion batteries.

36,99 € VAT included
30,32 € Without VAT

Battery N-P503 7.2V 2.0AH NI-MH for Makita

Battery N-P503 7.2V 2.0AH NI-MH for Makita. Compatible with Makita power tools that mount the battery 7000, 7002, 7033, 7034, 632002-4, 632003-2.

47,95 € VAT included
39,30 € Without VAT

Lithium Ion Battery 12V L1215


L1215 Lithium Ion Battery for BS 12C IQ cordless drill.

39,39 € VAT included
32,29 € Without VAT

20V 3AH Lithium Battery for 99363/4 Yamato


Lithium battery YAMATO 20V 3,0 Ah for drill Mod. 99363 and grinder Mod. 99364

65,49 € VAT included
53,68 € Without VAT

Batteria BL1850B Li-Ion 18V 5,0Ah con LED Makita


Type: Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) Voltage: 18 V Capacity: 5.0 Ah compatible chargers: DC18RA, DC18RC, DC18SD, DC18SF.

73,20 € VAT included
60,00 € Without VAT

Batteria BL1840B Li-Ion 10.8V 4,0Ah Makita


Lithium-ion, equipped with LEDs. Model: BL1840B Voltage: 10.8 V Rated Current: 4,0 Ah

108,34 € VAT included
88,80 € Without VAT

Batteria BL1013 Li-Ion 10.8V 1,3Ah Makita 194550-6


Lithium-ion battery. Model: BL1013 Voltage: 10.8 V Current Rating: 1.3 Ah Cod. 194550-6

55,34 € VAT included
45,36 € Without VAT

Battery BL1830 Li-Ion 18V


Model: BL1830
Voltage: 18 V
Current Rating: 3.0 Ah

91,99 € VAT included
75,40 € Without VAT