Small parts container box in the mouth of a wolf PICKING BOX 9.4 lt Fami

Available in various colors Made of high quality plastic, the small parts boxes can be used in different environments such as workshops, assembly lines and warehouses

Plastic Drawer for Small Parts 5/6/9 Drawers for Screws VISUAL BOX Fami

Available in various models The Visual Box FAMI series drawer units represent the most practical and rational solution for the storage of the most varied items (small parts, spare parts, electrical material, etc.). They are used for setting up shops, workshops, laboratories, factories, for the home and for hobby.

12,60 € VAT included
10,33 € Without VAT


Tool Box Steel Tools 5 Compartments 80219 Maurer


Tool box made of steel. Lid is padlock ready Excellent storage capacity for a wide range of hand tools and fasteners

40,28 € VAT included
33,02 € Without VAT

IdeaOne Compact Gray Polypropylene Small Parts Storage Box

Available in various sizes. The ideal solution to any storage problem, in the warehouse, in the workshop, along the assembly lines. They allow you to have the content at hand and in plain sight, making it easily withdrawable. These containers are stackable stably and securely.

1,50 € VAT included
1,23 € Without VAT

Organizer case BASIC Small parts cabinet in Stanley Polypropylene


Organizer case for small parts in polypropylene, with transparent hermetically sealed polycarbonate lid and no risk of mixing the contents Removable dividers that allow great personalization of the internal space

2,81 € VAT included
2,30 € Without VAT

Toolbox Toolbox STRUCTURAL FOAM "FATMAX® Stanley


Available in 2 sizes Tool box tools in high density polyethylene. Equipped with tray, metal hinges and anti-water infiltration gasket. The only completely waterproof cassette. It has a rubber-coated handle, padlock slots and a grooved cover for cutting pipes. Side sockets for practical lifting of the box.

31,81 € VAT included
26,07 € Without VAT

Toolbox PRO FATMAX® tools Stanley metal hinges


Available in various sizes Professional tool box - tools from the PRO FATMAX® Stanley line

31,38 € VAT included
25,72 € Without VAT

Tool Case Complete 98 Pcs Metal Tool Box 9024-1TS1 Irimo By Bahco


Tool case complete with 98 pcs in aluminum 9024-1TS1 Irimo By Bahco Measurements: 460x115x365 mm

157,14 € VAT included
128,80 € Without VAT

Toolbox Complete Tools 67 Pcs 9020F550FF10 Irimo


Toolbox r complete 67 pieces Measurements: 200x530x200 mm 9020F550FF10 Irimo By Bahco

232,29 € VAT included
190,40 € Without VAT

Tool Box Steel Tools 7 Compartments 1497MBF750 Bahco


Tool box made of heavier steel, with a resistant powder finish, The lid is designed for a padlock Equipped with 2 folding handles for compact storage, the box opens by pulling the handle, giving immediate access to all the compartments Excellent capacity storage for a wide range of hand tools and fasteners By opening it, the tool trays are exposed: they must not be lifted and there are no drawers to open. Reinforced orange bottom, upper black trays with galvanized cantilever system

29,89 € VAT included
24,50 € Without VAT