Infrared Lamp 150W 19337 Ama


Red 150W infrared lamp.

8,60 € VAT included
7,05 € Without VAT

Anti-PIPE Barrier Stainless Steel 1 Mt with holes

Barrier with AISI 302 stainless steel needle, length 10cm. Flexible plate in AISI 304 steel, 1 meter long, with holes for fastening.

3,62 € VAT included
2,97 € Without VAT

Disabituant Apparatus for Dogs Via di Qui Sensor Mondo Verde

Mondo Verde

Electronic disabituante with double battery power supply and power supply (included in the package). Thanks to the infrared movement sensor it detects the presence of the animals and activates the dissuasive elements selectable at choice and in combination: stroboscopic flash, modular ultrasounds and siren. These dissuasive systems can be used in various combinations because of the type of animal to be removed. The deterrent elements can be activated either with the sensor or in continuous time mode. The possibility of excluding the siren, using flash and ultrasound, allows the use of Via di Qui Sensor even in inhabited areas without disturbing people. Batteries not included

66,99 € VAT included
54,91 € Without VAT

Abbeveratoio in Plastica 5 liters per polli

Abbeveratoio in plastic for powders. Capienza: 5 Lt

4,09 € VAT included
3,35 € Without VAT

Dog Collar in Smooth Leather

Dog collar in smooth colored leather. Width: 2.5 cm Length: 51 cm

3,59 € VAT included
2,94 € Without VAT

Roller Leash Kg.30 mt.8

Colored plastic leash with automatic winding. Suitable for animals up to Kg.30 Length: 8 meters Assorted colors.

15,90 € VAT included
13,03 € Without VAT

Galvanized trough Bouteille

Trough bottle holder made of galvanized.

1,61 € VAT included
1,32 € Without VAT

Infrared Lamp Incandescent 150W E27 Sylvania 0033002


Type: Infrared 150W E27 Technology: Glow Size: 126x185 mm Cod. 0033002

8,56 € VAT included
7,02 € Without VAT

Bollard for Birds 60 pins Inox cm.100


Bollard for stainless steel birds, equipped with pins with a rounded tip. To apply on a window sill or modification points to about 3 cm from the outer edge N ° pins: 60 Length: 100 cm Height: 9.5 cm

2,70 € VAT included
2,21 € Without VAT

Spot Lamp Infrared Warming 105W E27

Infrared lamp for heating of livestock (birds, reptiles, etc.). It promotes digestion and generates well-being in animals. Suitable as a permanent heat source. Watt: 150 W Socket: E27

9,14 € VAT included
7,49 € Without VAT