Handle for Broom Painted Metal 130 cm 97764 Maurer


Handle for brooms, in Maurer painted metal. Length: 130 cm - ø 21mm Art. 97764

1,16 € VAT included
0,95 € Without VAT

130cm Smooth Wood Broom Handle

Wooden handle for brooms, brushes, etc. Honed and unpainted with thread. Length: 130 cm

1,23 € VAT included
1,01 € Without VAT

Mosquito Cleaning Brush

Mosquito net cleaning brush composed of sponge and roller brush for cleaning mosquito nets.

4,40 € VAT included
3,61 € Without VAT

Metal Broom Handle 130 cm Blue Dimora

Metal handle with plastification and thread. Ideal for domestic use, with brooms, levaragnatele, brushes etc. cod. LP handle 0030. Length: 130 cm

1,00 € VAT included
0,82 € Without VAT

Plastic joint for Scope

Articulated joint in plastic for brooms, levaragnatele and painting rollers.

1,83 € VAT included
1,50 € Without VAT

Industrial sweeper cm.90 052946 Maurer


"MAURER" brush for industrial use with rigid nylon bristles Length: cm.80

5,94 € VAT included
4,87 € Without VAT

Crine Idrocar brush cm.26

Hand scrubbing brush for industrial bodywork and scratch-resistant bristles Length: 26 cm Buttons: crine Thread: universal

9,19 € VAT included
7,53 € Without VAT

Idrocar Idroscrew PVC cm.26

Scratch-resistant bristles for bodywork and industrial use Length: 26 cm Bristles: PVC Thread: universal

8,34 € VAT included
6,84 € Without VAT

Metal Handle for Hand Paintbrush cm.180

Metallic handle for waterbrush. Length: cm.180

9,47 € VAT included
7,76 € Without VAT

Broom External Multi-star® B 40 M Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Width: 37 cm to clean the yard and street. Particularly durable thanks to the robust plastic bristles. Recommended handle ZM 140.

14,80 € VAT included
12,13 € Without VAT