Brushes and Rollers



Paint Roller Handle 50 mm 99109 Maurer


Replacement handle for rollers / rollers 5 cm

0,85 € VAT included
0,70 € Without VAT

Handle for roller Painting roller Telescopic rod ø 6 Long headband Pennellificio2000

Available in various sizes Handle for painting roller ø 6 long bow

1,22 € VAT included
1,00 € Without VAT

Swab for Painting Tinteggio Art.373 Pennellificio2000

Available in various sizes. Swab for painting in marine plywood with applied synthetic leathers, of excellent quality. Product code: 376

9,06 € VAT included
7,43 € Without VAT

Sponge / Polyester Painting Glove 367 / SP Pennellificio2000

Sponge glove on one side and polyester on the other, for special effects and car wash.

5,23 € VAT included
4,29 € Without VAT

Paint Roller in Perlon Fabric 100% Thermofused 23 cm Pennellificio2000

Roller in Perlon fabric 100% of white colonist with yellow line with internal tube for removable handle. Fabric height mm. 12, 48 mm diameter, complete with handle.

5,23 € VAT included
4,29 € Without VAT

Oval Brush Pure Blonde Bristles 20 cm N ° 8 85215 Maurer


Oval brush in pure blond bristles Size: 20 mm BRISTLE - Pure blond bristle FORM - Oval HANDLE - Wood Suitable for all types of paint

2,31 € VAT included
1,89 € Without VAT

Economic ceiling light with tablet and plastic handle, PVC fiber.l Product code: 38

Available in various sizes. Economic ceiling light with tablet and plastic handle, PVC fiber.l Product code: 38

3,79 € VAT included
3,11 € Without VAT

Bionda Ceiling Brush Art.43 / B Pennellificio2000

Available in various sizes. Ceiling lamp in blond synthetic bristles, non-slip rubber handle and epoxy mastic. Only suitable for quartz and siloxane paints Art. 43 / b

7,99 € VAT included
6,55 € Without VAT

Roller Sponge Roller with 20 cm Boar Tank


Roller with built-in tank, not dirty, it is rechargeable, easy to use and easy to wash. Package consisting of: roller with tank, removable handle, dispenser.

23,24 € VAT included
19,05 € Without VAT

Flat Brush Black Bristle Wooden Handle Red Tip Art.31 Brush factory 2000

Available in various sizes. Brush with transparent varnished wooden handle red tip blue strap, nickel ferrule, thickness mm. 15 in pure professional black bristle, with 90% fullness. Product code: 31

1,07 € VAT included
0,88 € Without VAT