Brushes and Rollers



Brush Anti-drip mixed bristle 65x160 mm Maurer


Mixed bristle anti-drip brush with wooden base and two-component Maurer handle

16,12 € VAT included
13,21 € Without VAT

Maurer Folded Radiator Brush


Available in various sizes. Bent radiator brush with Maurer wood handle

White Bristle Flat Brush S.577 Eterna

Available in 6 sizes. Pure white bristle flat brush with wooden handle

0,56 € VAT included
0,46 € Without VAT

Standard Boar Brush


Available in 4 sizes. Standard wild boar brush.

3,28 € VAT included
2,69 € Without VAT

White Brush Round Brush S.766 Eternal

Available in 8 sizes, pure white bristle brush with wooden handle

0,20 € VAT included
0,16 € Without VAT

Replacement roll "Velour" cm.5 Art.RC2850


Roller parts "Velour" suitable for all Tupi glaze. It is resistant to solvents. Length: 5 cm

0,55 € VAT included
0,45 € Without VAT

Telescopic Rod for Rollers cm.300

Telescopic aluminum rod for cleaning jobs, ideal for rollers. Max. Length: 3 meters Pressure connection.

4,50 € VAT included
3,69 € Without VAT

Sponge Grid Roll Media mm.200 094026 Maurer


Medium grain sponge roller mm. 200 Ideal for waterproofing on any surface Effect: orange peel

4,62 € VAT included
3,79 € Without VAT

Brush Bristle Blonde Plafoncino art.90 Beverly


Available in 4 sizes. Plafoncino drip with bristle and plastic handle. Beverly Product code: 90

4,54 € VAT included
3,72 € Without VAT

Plafoncino Professional Bristle Black Art.130 Beverly


Available in 6 sizes. Professional Plafoncino with black bristles and wooden handle. Beverly Product code: 130

1,59 € VAT included
1,30 € Without VAT