Capping machine for Crown Caps with TCCR2T Grifo Rack

Capping machine for crown caps with rack. Equipped with 2 molds, with magnet, Ø 26 and Ø 29mm

32,07 € VAT included
26,29 € Without VAT

200 Giant Crown Caps ø 29 mm with Sterilized Putty

Available in various colors Pack of 200 metal crown caps with sterilized mastic internal seal, for oenology. Diameter 29 mm.

2,55 € VAT included
2,09 € Without VAT

200 Tappi Corona ø 29 mm with Sottotappo

Available in various colors. Pack of 200 metal crown caps with plastic cap, for oenology. Diameter 29 mm.

3,64 € VAT included
2,98 € Without VAT

Capping machine for TC2T Grifo crown caps

Capping machine for crown caps. The base is in treated steel and the base is complete with holes for bench mounting. The special mechanism makes it possible to adjust the height quickly and easily for all types of bottles: beer, sparkling wine .. Art: TC2T

18,78 € VAT included
15,39 € Without VAT

200 Crown Caps with High Bidule Sub-Cap

Pack of 200 metal crown caps with plastic under-cap for oenology. Diameter: 2.9 cm Color: Red

4,82 € VAT included
3,95 € Without VAT

Corker for Crown Caps 1407 Mondial

Capping machine for crown caps used for bottling wine, sauces, oil, etc. Placed on the work table allows easy handling. Chrome-plated brass, shortly ingrombrante. The capping machine is provided with 2 bells: one for small caps and one for those 29 mm. Height: 50 cm

23,28 € VAT included
19,08 € Without VAT

3x 56mm cap Capsule Four Seasons Bormioli


Diameter: 56 mm 3 capsules 56mm format suitable for vessels from 150ml and 1000ml bottle. Packaged in blister quality saves.

0,95 € VAT included
0,78 € Without VAT

Chiudigabbiette Manual Wood Handle

Giragabbiette normal metal with wooden handle, allows to tighten easily and accurately fermatappo cages for bottles of champagne and wine.

1,66 € VAT included
1,36 € Without VAT

Twist-Off Jar Stopper

Available in 10 sizes. Twist-Off screw cap, suitable for closing jars, can be boiled or pasteurized. Assorted colors.

0,07 € VAT included
0,06 € Without VAT

100 Shrink Capsule for Bottles

Pack of 100 capsules shrink. The shrinking capsules are the most widely used security seal whose application is very versatile; In fact we find them on various types of bottles, such as wine, brandy, liquor, oil, vinegar, beer, etc. Dimensions: 35x60 mm color: burgundy

2,84 € VAT included
2,33 € Without VAT