Light Transversal Clasp Round Rod Art.216

Aldeghi Luigi

Available in 3 models. Light transversal door bolt, door with round rod. Art.216

2,70 € VAT included
2,21 € Without VAT

Heavy Galvanized Deadbolt with Spring Latch D.12 MM.270 263AZ30 Maurer


MAURER trivalent galvanized deadbolt with automatic sliding of the spring rod, equipped with safety latch. Transversal or vertical use with meeting or without.

11,11 € VAT included
9,11 € Without VAT

Deadbolt Locket for Flat Rod Art.214 Aldeghi

Aldeghi Luigi

Extra lightweight latch bolt with flat shaft. To see the measurements, see the image on the side.

0,83 € VAT included
0,68 € Without VAT

Galvanized bolt-holder with mm.12x195


Bolt galvanized trivalent "MAURER". spring rod Autoscrolling. Safety-holder. Use cross or vertical.

11,81 € VAT included
9,68 € Without VAT

Bronz Round Cross Clasp. 216AB20 Aldeghi

Aldeghi Luigi

Light transversal bolt with round rod. Finish: bronzed Dimensions (AxL): 200x75 mm

4,21 € VAT included
3,45 € Without VAT

Key to Tavellino Footprint Quadra 201CQ00 Aldeghi

Aldeghi Luigi

Key to Tavellino with square footprint.

1,65 € VAT included
1,35 € Without VAT

Chiusura Portalucchetto Inox 1132IN080 Aldeghi

Aldeghi Luigi

Closing stainless steel holder. Dimensions (AxBxC): 80x37x30 mm

4,49 € VAT included
3,68 € Without VAT

Transverse bolt Tropicalizz.


Available in 2 sizes. transverse bolt to be screwed - in tropicalized steel - "Heart 1000" series.

8,60 € VAT included
7,05 € Without VAT

Deadbolt Cannon Iron Nickel

Available in 3 sizes. Bolt gun nickel iron screw - with encounter.

1,23 € VAT included
1,01 € Without VAT

Catenaccio Free-Busy Brass mm.78x36

Bolt box-FREE / BUSY nickel-plated brass. Dimensions: 78x36 mm

12,52 € VAT included
10,26 € Without VAT