Battery Chainsaw SC 48 AE Stiga


Engine: Lithium Battery Length: 35 cm Engine Power: 1200 W Battery Power: 48 V Max Speed: 6000 rpm Chain Type: 3/8 ".050" (91PX-52X)

178,05 € VAT included
145.94..PrezzoScontato.ToString("C", MainConfig.StdCultureInfo.it) Without VAT

MT 2600, Chainsaw by Pruning
  • Professional chainsaw characterized by an excellent combination of power, lightweight mobility elements that make it the perfect tool for business and professional maintenance pruning of plants, olive and fruit trees.
  • Compact form, balanced and very low weight (only 2.8 kg) that enhance the operator by reducing the physical effort and increasing the autonomy of action.
  • Filter accessible without tools: simply unscrew a knob (is integral with the lid to prevent loss).
  • Controls handle the damped new conception: in this way the carburetor is not subject to vibration and guarantees a high stability carburizing, to operate with all tranquility, in any working position.
  • The oil pump in metal with adjustable flow rate allows to adapt the flow of the lubricant on the basis of the different types of use (type of wood, climatic conditions, type of oil).
  • Also available with carving bar for precision work, such as grafting and tree surgery interventions to treat diseases or injuries of the plants.
  • Starting system facilitated "EasyOn" for easy set in motion without shocks and with a limited number of pulls.
  • Side chain tensioner to intervene easily and quickly on the chain tension in uncomfortable positions.
  • A special hook allows you to hang the saw to the body of the operator and thus cut branches in those hard to reach by mechanical means.

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