Round Steel Brush ø 150 mm for Cleaning Caminio

Round steel brush for cleaning fireplaces and chimneys. Diameter: 150 mm

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3,41 € Without VAT

Brush with 2 Propellers Steel 310 mm.100

Stainless steel brush with 2 propellers 310 mm

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3,84 € Without VAT

Brush with 2 Propellers Steel 310 mm.120

Steel brush with 2 propellers 310 mm.120

4,86 € VAT included
3,98 € Without VAT

Detergent Spray Vetri Stufe Fireglass ml.750 Danger


Format: 750 ml Fireglass is the descaling cleaner for thermo-fireplace, glass-ceramic, grill, barbecue, ovens, ollari stones, etc. It perfectly removes deposits and greases, without leaving greasy or residue surfaces. His action is decisive and immediate. It also eliminates the dirt of smog from walls and wall coverings, especially the classic "whiskers" behind the radiators. ml.750

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3,08 € Without VAT

Pellet Stove Cleaning Kit

Dry-cleaning kit for pellet stove nylon scoop diam. 80 mm and fiberglass rod L.200 mm Plastic handle

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18,20 € Without VAT

Grills and Ovens Cleaner ml.750 94171 Maurer


Format: 750 ml Detergent consisting of alkaline salts suitable for cleaning ovens, grills, plates, fryers and equipment for cooking food. It breaks down and emulsifies any residual fat and charred food, eliminates the development of bad smells, mold and bacterial growth Do not use on aluminum, alloys and painted parts

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2,80 € Without VAT

Cleaner for Cotto Flooring ml.1000 098156 Maurer


Size: 1000 ml Amazing cleansing detergent "MAURER PLUS" for terracotta floors - based on ammonium quaternary salts active on pathogenic germs, molds, algae and fungi - indicated for those cases where there is a risk of microbial contamination or contagion as In community environments, nursing homes, canteens and kindergartens - ideal for sanitizing terracotta floors and all washable surfaces, leaving a smell of mentoline pine.

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3,10 € Without VAT

Glass Spray Detergent Stoves Fireplaces ml.750 094176 Maurer


Format: 750 ml Glass cleaner for stoves and fireplaces. Eliminate the smoke and residues of soot from the windows. Does not affect other surfaces. It is applied directly on cold-surfaced glass.

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2,94 € Without VAT

Scopino Ottone cm.56

Brass toilet brush for fireplaces and stoves. Length: 56 cm

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Scovolo Kit Pulipellet cm.200 Art.1995 SIT


Brush consisting of a rod in an extremely durable and flexible fiberglass, with a plastic handle which facilitates the use, one of high-quality nylon ring and a closure with M12 black sphere that guides the brush even in 90 ° bends! Applications: Cleaning and maintenance of pellet stoves but not limited to: cleaning of chimneys, rainwater pipes, and also ideal for cleaning and maintenance of the pipes! Length: 200 cm. PPL ring ø 0.8: No. 1 Ø 80mm, No. 1 Ø 100mm.

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17,31 € Without VAT