Hand Sanitizer Sanitizing Gel 100 ml Dikson

Format: 100 ml Formulated with special sanitizing substances for the skin of the hands and with Alcohol and Piroctone Olamine, with antibacterial properties. Ensures complete and deep cleaning. Practical and easy to use in any situation where you want to sanitize your hands. It acts in 10 seconds giving an incredible velvety effect on the hands and a pleasant fragrance. Also ideal for removing unpleasant odors from hands such as smells of smoke and food. DO NOT RINSE. It is not greasy.

3,54 € VAT included
2,90 € Without VAT

Stenago Disinfectant Sanitizing Wipes 20pcs Hands and Surfaces

Wipes to sanitize hands and surfaces, act in a few seconds leaving your hands soft and fragrant. In the formulations there are agents with antibacterial action

1,90 € VAT included
1,56 € Without VAT

Hand Sanitizing Gel 100 ml SHIELD

Format: 100 ml Hand sanitizing gel with Aloe, Rice starch, Melaleuca alternifolia, lemon, rue and Scots pine

5,98 € VAT included
4,90 € Without VAT

Concentrated Hand Wash Paste BLANCA LINE 750 ml Neptune


Format: 750 ml Fragrance: Lavender LINEA BLANCA handwashing paste is a professional handwashing paste, particularly suitable for removing greasy dirt. It differs from traditional pastas by its high concentration of soaps and the total absence of wood flours and siliceous sands.

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2,17 € Without VAT

Blue Industrial Paper Roll Reel 3 Pure Cellulose Veils

3-ply industrial paper roll in pure blue cellulose suitable for food contact. Pack of 1 roll.

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5,15 € Without VAT

70 Wipes Wipes in Nonwoven Fabric Kroll Straps

Wipes in non-woven fabric, abrasive on one side and soft on the other Imbevute of a detergent based on surfactants of vegetable origin Removes from the hands oils, greases, silicones, paints and bad smells without the need of water It contains an antibacterial active ingredient - PH neutral

16,99 € VAT included
13,93 € Without VAT

Maurer disinfectant spray for hard surfaces 750ml


Format: 750 ml Maurer sanitizing spray disinfectant for hard surfaces, effective against bacteria, fungi and yeasts and can be used to sanitize keyboards and remote controls. It is suitable for domestic washable surfaces, food industry equipment, schools, offices, sports facilities, etc.

7,31 € VAT included
5,99 € Without VAT

MACROCREAM Cream Handwashing with Microspheres Natural 3000ml Neptune


Format: 3 liters with dispenser. Handwashing creamy fluid from detergent properties and unique emollient. MACROCREAM contains fine micro-spheres of vegetable origin that add strength to the cleaning action. Recommended for frequent use, leaving the skin soft. Cod. 00175

11,74 € VAT included
9,62 € Without VAT

Sink Pasta Cyclon gr.500


Format: 500 gr. Hand wash paste with lemon forcefully removes the most stubborn dirt from hands and resistant to normal soaps (fat motors, oil, naphtha, etc.).

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4,46 € Without VAT

Blades Curves Scissors Nail


Scissors nail clippers with curved blades, with nickel finish.

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5,16 € Without VAT