Liquid Hand Soap Flor Soap Nettuno


Available in various sizes Delicate liquid soap ideal for offices, restaurants and communities in general, delicately cleanses the skin, preserves its hydro-lipid balance, leaving the hands delicately scented.

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1,32 € Without VAT

DISINFETTAMAYER Spray Disinfectant Bactericidal Virucidal Hands and Surfaces 100ml Mayer Braun

Mayer Braun

Format: 100ml Suitable for the disinfection of SKIN, HANDS, SURFACES and OBJECTS (cell phones, electronic equipment, car steering wheel, shoes, toys ... to name a few examples ...)

4,64 € VAT included
3,80 € Without VAT

Sanitizing Disinfectant Wipes 10pcs Hands and Objects DISINFECT Mayer Braun

Mayer Braun

Hand disinfectant wipes, objects and surfaces I DisinfettaMayer is a Medical Surgical Device with BACTERICIDE and VIRUCIDAL action. Suitable for the disinfection of skin, hands, surfaces and objects (mobile phones, electronic equipment, car steering wheel, shoes, toys)

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3,80 € Without VAT

SANYMAYER Spray Disinfectant Bactericidal Fungicidal and Virucidal 400ml Mayer Braun

Mayer Braun

Format: 400ml Spray with disinfectant, bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal germicidal action with deodorant action. It can be used in the following environments: clinics and hospital rooms; offices; classrooms, meeting and entertainment venues; cockpits of cars, buses, trucks, campers, trailers, trains, planes and ships. Acts on gram + and gram - bacteria, fungi, viruses and molds. Contains a deodorant capable of capturing bad odors.

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5,04 € Without VAT


LINEA BLANCA Extra Fluid Hand Wash Cream 5000 ml with Neptune Dispenser


Format: 5000 ml Fragrance: Lavender White Line Extra Fluid represents the evolution of the Blanca Line in paste. The creamy appearance of this extraordinary hand wash allows dispensing by means of a dispenser, thus preventing the contamination of the product by germs and bacteria caused by the mixed use of the product. Hand cleaner universally usable in the professional field and effective in the presence of both greasy dirt (oil, hydrocarbons, petroleum ...) and dry dirt (paint, silicone, glue, enamel ...). Suitable for frequent use as it is free of solvents or irritants.

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11,81 € Without VAT

Wall Support for T Box with Elbow Lever Nettuno


Wall support with elbow lever for professional soap dispenser t-box in blue nylon Dimensions: 180x240x90mm. It can be used with 3 and 5 lt t-box neptune tanks.

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2,17 € Without VAT

MacroCream Hand Wash Cream Refill TBag with Natural Microspheres 3000ml Neptune


Format: TBAG 3 Liters refill. Creamy fluid hand wash with unique cleansing and emollient properties. MacroCream contains very fine micro-spheres of vegetable origin which give greater strength to its cleaning action. Recommended for frequent use, it leaves the skin soft.

11,74 € VAT included
9,62 € Without VAT

Lysoform Casa Disinfectant Detergent for Floors and Surfaces 900 ml Cedar and Bergamot

Format: 900 ml Fragrance: Cedar and Bergamot Lysoform Complete Protection Disinfectant is indicated for floors but is effective on all washable surfaces in the home. Ideal for disinfection against germs and bacteria and to remove allergens.

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2,27 € Without VAT

HYGI OXY AR-CO Chemical Hand Sanitizer with Active Oxygen 5 Lt

Format: 5 Liters Fragrance: Ocean Physical State: viscous liquid Active oxygen sanitizing detergent for hands ocean fragrance without rinsing

7,14 € VAT included
5,85 € Without VAT

Orphea Mosquito Repellent Spray Taffiti Parrots Vegetable Antipuncture Lotion Safari 100ml

Format: 100ml Protects against mosquito bites, horseflies, parrots and ticks. Based on Citriodiol®. Dry spray, can be applied on clothes for prolonged protection. It does not wet, does not stain fabrics and releases a pleasant scent.

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6,81 € Without VAT