Brassed pulley for clothesline with hook 40 mm


Pulley for clothesline with hook. Measure: ø 40 mm Material: steel with tropicalized finish.

1,34 € VAT included
1,10 € Without VAT

Cordless Electric Limp Kooper KCSII


Eliminates all the lint that are formed on the surface of wool and cotton fabrics very quickly and easily.

8,00 € VAT included
6,56 € Without VAT

Pulley Otton. mm.30 with Hook Art.2100

Brushed zama pole with hook holder Diameter: 30 mm

1,04 € VAT included
0,85 € Without VAT

Bleach Normal Lt.1 know

Format: 1 liter Bleach normal.

0,51 € VAT included
0,42 € Without VAT

Clothesline to stand "Pegaso"

cm. 197x56x113 h. 100% recyclable resin. 20m total space to stretch out. Easily foldable.

14,93 € VAT included
12,24 € Without VAT

Turbo Vapor Steam Axle

Colombo Newscal

Height adjustment in 10 positions up to 95 cm. Hexagonal blade holder with silicone inserts, reinforced blade grille, 28 mm diameter high stability stem, 100% cotton cushion.

34,59 € VAT included
28,35 € Without VAT

Steam Profi Axle

Colombo Newscal

Height adjustment 10 positions up to 95 cm. Ergonomic ergonomic hatch with reinforced silicone inserts, 28 mm high stability stem, 100% cotton cushion.

25,02 € VAT included
20,51 € Without VAT

Poseidon Ironing Board

Colombo Newscal

Height adjustment in 10 positions up to 95 cm. Hinged steel cup holder with silicone inserts, diameter 22 mm, 100% cotton liner

24,00 € VAT included
19,67 € Without VAT

Telescopic Telepack Clothesline Gimi


Telepack is the telescopic clothes drying rack that you can turn into a towel rack shelf. Rack versatile and space-saving wall. thick wire that avoid creases on dry clothes. Closed Becomes a practical shelf or towel rail. Made in Italy.

15,70 € VAT included
12,87 € Without VAT

Clothesline by Garden GARDEN 50 Gimi


GARDEN ALUMINUM 50 is the garden drying room for large holes. Generous and rust, as fixed in the garden to lay out even outdoors massive bosses. infinite height adjustment and safety lock on the arms. With antiwear wires protections and belt fastener. Insert the ground and protective cover included.

35,33 € VAT included
28,96 € Without VAT