Gimi PERLA Resin Clothesline


Gimi PERLA resin clothesline. It has an ultra resistant structure, anti bending and torsion thanks to Nytrogen Technology. Equipped with joint with accidental anti-lock button and wheels for easy movement. Ideal for outdoors.

41,58 € VAT included
34,08 € Without VAT

Clothesline Vertical Clothesline MODULAR 4 Gimi


Vertical clothesline MODULAR 4 GImi with special joint: it can be used completely open or in half, depending on the laundry. Equipped with 4 levels of folding grids, angular with swivel wheels, anti-scratch protections. Can also be used in the shower cubicle.

32,92 € VAT included
26,98 € Without VAT

2 Gabbiette moth Vape Lavender


Moths Vape Anti protects clothing for the whole season (up to 6 months) and smells leaders thanks to its delicate fragrance of lavender. Perfect for use in closets, drawers and wardrobe, not stain fabrics even in case of accidental contact. Pack of 2 cages.

3,33 € VAT included
2,73 € Without VAT

BELLA Colombo floor drying rack

Colombo Newscal

Aluminum clothesline with wings model BELLA. Useful surface for spreading 20 m. Equipped with rust-proof anodized aluminum grids. Dimensions: 131 x 55.5 x 4.5 cm MADE IN ITALY

20,50 € VAT included
16,80 € Without VAT

New Dyeing Black Coloring Silk Wool Nylon Nuncas


Color: black Professional liquid coloring product from the Tintoria line by Nuncas, designed to renew fabrics safely. Dyeing Wool, Silk and Nylon is a delicate and specialized dyeing treatment that renews animal fiber fabrics, with maximum safety and practicality. Facie and safe by hand, delicate even with cashmere

6,41 € VAT included
5,25 € Without VAT

ZimiFFIRO Floor Drying Rack Gimi


Resin floor clothesline. With wheels for easy movement and accidental anti-closing with button. Laying space: 20 mt Dimensions open (WxDxH): 182x55x88 cm Ideal for outdoor use. Made in Italy.

20,78 € VAT included
17,03 € Without VAT

Brassed pulley for clothesline with hook 40 mm


Pulley for clothesline with hook. Measure: ø 40 mm Material: steel with tropicalized finish.

1,45 € VAT included
1,19 € Without VAT

Cordless Electric Limp Kooper KCSII


Eliminates all the lint that are formed on the surface of wool and cotton fabrics very quickly and easily.

8,00 € VAT included
6,56 € Without VAT

Pulley Otton. mm.30 with Hook Art.2100

Brushed zama pole with hook holder Diameter: 30 mm

1,09 € VAT included
0,89 € Without VAT

Bleach Normal Lt.1 know

Format: 1 liter Bleach normal.

0,51 € VAT included
0,42 € Without VAT