New Dye Dyeing Fabrics Orange Nuncas


Color: Orange

Dye professional liquid to be used in washing machine, designed for dyeing and renew tissues in cotton, linen, silk or viscose.

6,16 € VAT included
5,05 € Without VAT

Moth Forte Cologne Classical 8 Foglietti Nuncas


Size: 8 sheets

tarmicida new concept contained in a special support of cellulose. Full protection, eliminates the moths and larvae. Featuring a refined perfume can spread pleasant environments.

2,78 € VAT included
2,28 € Without VAT

New Dyeing Dye Jeans Dark Blue Nuncas


Color: Dark Blue

Product liquid dye professional line of Dyeing Nuncas, designed to dye jeans in the washing machine by returning to your favorite gear bright colors and strong even during the subsequent washing.

6,41 € VAT included
5,25 € Without VAT

Marseille soap Pure Vegetable 200g Nuncas


Format: Soap (200 g)

Soap obtained according to the old traditional method of Marseille in which the vegetable oil bubbling hot for a week.
Its high power spotting makes it ideal even for pre-treat stains and spots.
It contains no fragrance, preservatives and dyes and this is ideal for washing the heads of those who have sensitive skin or prone to irritant dermatitis or allergic origin.

1,94 € VAT included
1,59 € Without VAT

Sanitizing Spray Refreshes jackets and fabrics 300 ml Nuncas


Format: 300 ml

Removes from all tissues unpleasant odors that form on: Smoking, Food and closed environments.
Thanks to anti-odor formula rich in principles sanitizing Nuncas Refreshes jackets and fabrics restores the freshness and hygiene of freshly washed clothes.

5,72 € VAT included
4,69 € Without VAT

Underwear & Silk Liquid Detergent 500 ml Nuncas


Format: 500 ml

detergent for silk and lingerie feminine, gentle and effective tissue, give your heads a fragrance of roses.

4,26 € VAT included
3,49 € Without VAT

Detergent Specific Detergent Sports Headwear Sportswear 750ml Nuncas


Format: 750 ml It is the only liquid detergent designed to wash and regenerate sports clothes and accessories in synthetic and technical fibers. All sportswear is clean and perfectly sanitized even at low temperatures thanks to its special formula that is effective on sports stains and against the unpleasant smell of sweat. Eliminates bacteria by sanitizing fabrics and keeping them elastic. The detergent for sports garments does not attack their particular structure, leaving UV filters and waterproofing films unaltered.

5,90 € VAT included
4,84 € Without VAT

Biolindo Washing Machine 1Lt Nuncas


Format: 1 Liter Specific detergent for washing all white and colored garments in the washing machine. Its formulation, based on enzymes, allows the removal at low temperatures of all the stains, even the most stubborn like wine and grass. Enriched with an innovative polymer, it prevents the transfer of color during washing from dark to light garments, thus maintaining the original vivacity and brilliance of the treated garments.

7,14 € VAT included
5,85 € Without VAT

Anti Felting Cashmere Felt Lotion 500 ml Nuncas


Size: 500 ml Sfeltro is a restructuring lotion essential to preserve your felted wool clothes over time and be able to enjoy them for a long time. Used periodically, the lotion prevents the natural felting of the wool (which is a normal effect due to use and adverse weather conditions). It deeply nourishes the wool and thanks to the hand massage it allows to loosen the knots between the fibers so as to eliminate the hardening and shrinkage of the head and to recover even a size. The action of its active ingredients and the prolonged soaking detach the "dead cells" from the felted wool (the annoying and unsightly lint) and regenerates the fiber in depth, stretching and swelling it.

4,60 € VAT included
3,77 € Without VAT

Softener Morbivel Campo dei Fiori 750 ml Nuncas


Size: 750 ml

Softener for washing and hand washing to regenerate damaged tissue fibers.
With active regenerating, sponges and renews leaders dehydrated preventing the deposit of limestone that stiffens the fibers.
Gives the laundry softness, volume and an unmistakable scent.

3,84 € VAT included
3,15 € Without VAT