Tuta Protettiva Tyvek Dupont Classic Xpert CHF5 CAT.III TIPO 5-6


Tuta Protettiva Tyvek Dupont Classic Xpert CHF5 CAT.III TIPO 5-6


Available sizes M to XXXL in special overalls professional Dupont Tyvek ® for protection against liquids, dust, chemicals and particles; with a hood. Discover more details inside!

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  • Chemical Protection Category III, Type B-5 and B-6.
  • 3-piece hood for optimum fit on the head and around the face on the move.
  • Elastic around the face, wrists and ankles, and a rubber band glued to life.
  • Ample crotch for a great freedom of movement.
  • Large puller easy to grasp.
  • Tyvek® garments are composed of a high density polyethylene thermobonded, and provide an optimal choice in terms of protection, durability and comfort.
  • Tyvek® is permeable to air and water vapor, while being repellent to water based liquids and aerosols.
  • Robust but lightweight (<180g per head).
  • It provides an excellent barrier against fine particles and fibers (sizes up to 1 micron), has a very low linting and has an antistatic treatment.
  • Without the addition of silicone.
  • Applications garments Tyvek® Classic Xpert include handling pharmaceutical, processing chemicals, the industry of gas and oil, maintenance and general operations, automotive paint spray and many more.

Tyvek ®
is a registered trademark of Du Pont term for a group of sheet material non-woven polyolefin (Spunbonded olefin) made ​​with very fine filaments attached by process pressure and heat. They are made of 100% polyethylene without binders or fillers.
Tyvek owes its versatility to an unusual combination of physical properties: it is lightweight, thin, flexible and tough, abrasion-resistant and chemically inert.
It 'a material that' breathes' while forming an excellent display against splashes of liquids, powders, fibers and particles that penetrate submetriche in common fabrics.
Frays little so it is suitable for use in clean rooms or sterile.
The relatively smooth surface treated with antistatic greatly reduces the contamination of the garment
And 'it washed several times (losing the antistatic properties of the surface), although the low cost allows the economic use for once.

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