Small 9mm Blade Cutter Maurer 080911


Cutter with a 9 mm broken blade, with plastic body and metal guide. Cod. 080911

1,21 € VAT included
0,99 € Without VAT

Cutter SRV-2 569805 Olfa


Body in stainless steel, indicated in the presence of water. Ideal for the food and chemical industry. Length: 137.5 mm Combined with the AB-S blade, it completely avoids the formation of rust. Equipped with three blades and closing insert to cut the used blade segment. Equipped with automatic blade locking system.

7,75 € VAT included
6,35 € Without VAT

Cutter LC-626 Elematic 8211626


Cutter knife with retractable auto trapezoidal blade, to work in maximum safety. Perfect for cutting materials such as vinyl, cardboard, linen, leather, plywood, upholstery and for packaging cutting. Blade thickness: 0.6 mm Blade width: 60 mm Code 8211626

2,43 € VAT included
1,99 € Without VAT

Cutter Retractable Knife Basic 18mm 09011 SikuroTech


Cutter with blade to break SK4 retractable 18mm, 50% sharper, with triple cutting angle. Spare blade reservoir for a quick blade change. Code 09011

1,76 € VAT included
1,44 € Without VAT

Cutter Retractable Knife Basic 9mm 09001 SikuroTech


Cutter knife with a 9 mm retractable SK4 blade, 50% sharper, with a triple cutting angle. Spare blade reservoir for a quick blade change. Code 09001

1,54 € VAT included
1,26 € Without VAT

Cutter Folding Lama Retrattile Fatmax Stanley 0-10-825


Cutter / Cutter Ergonomic knife suitable for heavy use, equipped with a safe and fast retractable blade. Instant blade change; blade tank in the handle for greater ease of use. Mount trapezium and hook blades. Length: 140mm Cod. 0-10-825

11,85 € VAT included
9,71 € Without VAT

Cutter 18mm Stanley 0-10-403


Stanley Cutter with 18mm sector blade. Abs body with anti-rust steel frame. Sliding cursor. Self-locking blade mechanism for maximum safety. Code 0-10-403

3,21 € VAT included
2,63 € Without VAT

Cutter Interlock 9mm Stanley 0-10-095


Professional Cutter with shaped metal body. Patented system for locking and changing the blade. Blade to break from 9mm to 12 elements. Cod. 0-10-095

9,44 € VAT included
7,74 € Without VAT

Bahco Retractable Blade Universal Cutter SQZ150003


Cutter - Cutter Universal knife with blade extraction by pressing the handle. 6 spare blades included in the handle Solid and ergonomic structure for maximum cutting precision. Code SQZ150003

10,97 € VAT included
8,99 € Without VAT

Knife Cutter Large Blade 18mm 092220 Maurer


Two-colored cutter knife with 18 mm split blade, with plastic body and guide. Code 092220

0,84 € VAT included
0,69 € Without VAT