Rotating Blade for Carpets 09222 Maurer


Rotating round blade knife "MAURER" - blade safety lock - complete with blade - suitable for carpet cutting and linoleum

1,46 € VAT included
1,20 € Without VAT

Cutter Blade Retractable 18mm 09012 SikuroTech


Retractable blade cutter with ABS body and bimaterial handle. Stainless steel guide blade mm. 18 SK4 steel Equipped with blade tank.

2,82 € VAT included
2,31 € Without VAT

Multiutensile 12 in 1 MTT051 Bahco


Multi-tool 12 in 1, aluminum body 12 different functions Stainless steel tools and aluminum body

13,69 € VAT included
11,22 € Without VAT

6 cutter wheels Silberschnitt 100

Cutter wheels nickel heads with 6 wheels in its housing metal.

5,87 € VAT included
4,81 € Without VAT

Cutter Grande Lama 25mm Maurer 090925


Professional cutter with snap-off blades from 25mm, with plastic body, rubber grip, steel rail and wheel lock-lama- Cod. 090925

2,93 € VAT included
2,40 € Without VAT

6 cutter wheels 569.00 PG Professional

PG Professional

Professional Cutter 6 castors, with wooden handle, can be used as cutters. Length: 135mm Cod. 569.00

3,55 € VAT included
2,91 € Without VAT

Cutter Lama Round 45mm 55218 Ausonia


Cod. 55218 Cutter with round blade interchangeable steel and resistant plastic body opening through lever blade into the handle and safety lock with trigger button. Non-slip rubber inserts for a perfect grip in any situation of use. Ideal for paper, cardboard, rubber, carpet, fabric, leather blade diameter: 45 mm

5,06 € VAT included
4,15 € Without VAT

Cutter a Uncino HOK-1 1027 Olfa


Particularly suitable for the expansion of micro-cracks in the wall, to facilitate the operations of the stucco and retouching; It used also for the removal of the plastic spacers used in the installation steps of pavings and / or tiles, thanks to the tip of the hook which makes extremely easier action. Cutter body made of durable ABS. Cod. 1027

11,68 € VAT included
9,57 € Without VAT

Cutter NOL-1 Olfa 1020


Ideal for intensive use and in unfavorable conditions for the taking (with work gloves or wet hands). Resistant to acids and chemicals. Body of elastomer cutter to handle anti-slip ComfortGrip. Special hole to hang the belt cutter. Cod. 1020

6,64 € VAT included
5,44 € Without VAT

Cutter BN-AL 1013 Olfa


the cutter body from durable ABS and ergonomic grip. Automatic locking system of the blade, also for use under pressure. Special hole to hang the belt cutter. Cod. 1013

3,88 € VAT included
3,18 € Without VAT