Helmet Rain Off Visor treatment 75 ml Petronas


Size: 75 ml Rain off is a special treatment to be applied to helmet visors, windscreens and domes. Applied before it rains, it creates a water-repellent film that allows the drops to slip away. Improve visibility by making driving safer.

4,87 € VAT included
3,99 € Without VAT

Defrosting machine for glasses ml.500 13412112 Granit


Format: 500 ml Instantly free the glasses from the ice and prevents the formation ensuring a perfect visibility. The GRANIT glass defroster is a de-icer with a cleaning action that protects against grinding.

2,76 € VAT included
2,26 € Without VAT

Sonax Climaclean Hygienizer for Air Conditioners ml.150

Size: 150 ml The presence of moisture, dust and condensation on the cooler radiator is fertile ground for bacterial proliferation, causing bad smells and allergic reactions. SONAX ClimaClean combines antibacterial action with an effective and lasting detergent action. Follow the directions for use.

11,86 € VAT included
9,72 € Without VAT

Eliminates Ice Spray ml.500 8476 Arexons


Size: 500 ml Ideal for quickly melting and eliminating ice from the windscreen and car windows, cleaning the surface and allowing perfect visibility. It is also suitable for eliminating door ice and locks, unblocking them. The product also keeps rubber seals elastic even at the coldest temperatures. Thanks to its specific formulation, if sprayed on the glass before the temperature drop, prevents the formation of ice.

4,73 € VAT included
3,88 € Without VAT

Hygienizing Spray for Air Conditioners 16 VMD 400 ml

Size: 400 ml Conditioner foam for conditioners Sweet scent Ideal for automotive and civil engineering systems Cylinder delivery 60 cm incl.

3,36 € VAT included
2,75 € Without VAT

Climate Swamm Cleansing Cleanser for Climate Controls ml.400 Faren


Size: 400 ml Klima Swamm is a foaming cleanser for air conditioners. The foam penetrates, cleanses and hygienises with quaternary ammonium salts.

4,94 € VAT included
4,05 € Without VAT

Clean Brakes Spray F53 ml.400 Faren


Size: 400 ml F53 cleans, degreases and removes dust, grease, oil, tar and silicone deposits from all components of the disc or drum brake systems, including disk, clamp, pads, drum, cylinder, jaws, brake plate.

3,31 € VAT included
2,71 € Without VAT

Detergent Anti-glare glasses -20 ° C Candivetro 4 Seasons Lt.1 Atas


Size: 1 liter Anti-glare detergent -20 ° to double action, cleans away dirt, insect residue, moss and in the winter used pure in the appropriate pan ensures frost protection up to -20 ° C.

2,87 € VAT included
2,35 € Without VAT

Engine Degreaser Spray Lavamotori ml.400 Ecoservice

Eco Service

Format: 400 ml Lavamotori cleans and removes grease from engines and mechanical parts typically found on cars, motorcycles, boats all traces of grease and dirt. Excellent water repellent, protecting clean pieces from oxidation.

3,28 € VAT included
2,69 € Without VAT

Lampante oil Lt.1 Multichimica


Format: 1 liter mixture of hydrocarbons obtained from the distillation of petroleum fractions, is used for lighting, for domestic purposes, such as degreaser for surfaces and is an excellent solvent for waxes. also used for dilution of synthetic paints and oleosintetiche, it gives to the same maximum dilation and gloss. Thanks to the high solvent power can also be used to clean guns, brushes and dirty paint tools. The rate of evaporation of the product is low-medium. For its purity features the product is stable and does not deteriorate.

3,38 € VAT included
2,77 € Without VAT