Drill Hammer Drill 800W SDS PLUS 28 mm 3 Functions HR2811F Makita


Rotary hammer equipped with 3 functions: rotation, rotation + percussion, percussion Suitable for SDS-Plus tips Ergonomic handle with soft grip and vibration-absorbing rear handle Equipped with electronic switch, safety clutch and LED lighting

376,31 € VAT included
308,45 € Without VAT

Pneumatic Chipping Hammer + 4 Chisels 99457 Yamato


Pneumatic chisel supplied with 4 chisel kit Cylindrical shank: 10.20 min. Strokes: 4.500 empty consumption: 79.2 L / min chisel stroke: 43 mm length: 130 mm

17,76 € VAT included
14,56 € Without VAT

Cordless Drill 18V SDS-Plus 24 mm BL - 3 FUNZ DHR243RTJ Makita


Makita battery powered rotary hammer 3 functions: rotation, percussion, rotation + percussion Equipped with reversibility switch with simple actuation, quick-release chuck and quick-fit tool holder Rubber battery support The chisel can be adjusted to 360 ° with 40 different locking angles

572,44 € VAT included
469,21 € Without VAT

10,8V SDS-Plus 16 mm Cordless Hammer Drill - BLHR166DSMJ Makita


Makita rotary drill with Brushless motor Equipped with a simple reversing switch and a quick-fit drill bit Equipped with 2 functions: rotation, rotation + percussion and LED lighting for the work area

350,76 € VAT included
287,51 € Without VAT

Tassellatore SDS-Plus 24 mm HR2470 Makita


Power consumption 780 Watts Strokes per minute 0 - 4500 c / min Idle speed 0 - 1100 rpm Weight (EPTA) 2.9 kg Masonry drilling 24 mm Drilling metal 13 mm Drilling wood 32 mm

168,37 € VAT included
138,01 € Without VAT

[Makita DLX2254TJ1 KIT] DHP481 Cordless Drill + DGA513 Angle Grinder + 3 Makita BL1850 Batteries


The Makita DLX2254TJ1 set of power tools supplied with the DHP481Z percussion drill and the DGA513 angle grinder powered with the same 18v lithium batteries ideal for general operations, not screwing and drilling. This kit is equipped with the top-of-the-range 125 nm torque screwdriver and the innovative angle grinder, the ideal composition for any artisan and professional.

646,27 € VAT included
529,73 € Without VAT

Hammer SDS PLUS Hammer Drill + 32mm HR3210C Makita


The Makita HR3210C rotary drill is an Sds-plus professional rotary drill ideal for continuous and heavy work, the three functions that can be selected with a simple gesture and its striking power, make this Makita rotary hammer a suitable electric tool for every need. 3 functions: rotation, rotation + percussion, percussion Suitable for SDS-Plus tips Ergonomic soft grip coating Electronic switch AVT system for dynamic vibration reduction Electronic speed adjustment Constant speed under stress TECHNICAL DATA: Absorbed power 850 Watt No-load speed 315 - 630 g / min Impact power (EPTA) 5.0 joules Vibrations rotation / percussion mode 10 m / s² Dim. Lxwxh 424x114x240 mm Cable length 4.0 m Weight (EPTA) 5.2 kg Drilling capacity - 32 mm Strokes per minute 1650 - 3300 c / min Max. crown bit Ø 90 mm

497,32 € VAT included
407,64 € Without VAT

Pneumatic Chisel + 5 Chisels 099458 Yamato


Pneumatic chisel with hexagonal connection 19.05 mm min. Strokes: 3.500 Vacuum consumption: 65.1 L / min Chisel travel: 66 mm length: 170 mm Accessories and plastic case - coated handle - 6.3 BAR - CE Connection 1 / 4 "

26,47 € VAT included
21,70 € Without VAT

710W HP1631KX3 Makita Percussion Drill


Used for any drilling and demolition work on wood, metal and walled walls. It is equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enhance its power and reliability, guaranteeing an enormous number of applications. Technical data: Power consumption: 710 Watt Strokes per minute: 0 - 48000 c / min Speed ​​at no load: 0 - 3200 r / min Dimensions: 296x75x204 mm Cable length: 2.0 m Weight: 1.9 kg Masonry hole: 16 mm Metal drilling: 13 mm Wood drilling: 30 mm Spindle capacity: 1.5 - 13 mm

104,10 € VAT included
85,33 € Without VAT

Tassellatore SDS+ 18mm HR1841FJ Makita


Compact and extremely light, it allows you to make holes with extreme ease and without effort. Thanks to the AVT system the vibrations transmitted during its use are reduced considerably compared to the models that do not have them.

168,65 € VAT included
138,24 € Without VAT