Organic Fertilizer Anti Mole TALPA RAUS 3,5 Kg Green World

Mondo Verde

Format: 3,5 Kg Organic nitrogen repellent fertilizer for moles, voles and field mice. Completely vegetable and natural, based on Ricino cake and some alkaloids such as Ricinina, which create an unfavorable environment for the installation of harmful rodents. High quality, slow release in the ground, long efficacy. Ideal for vegetable gardens, gardens, meadows, fields, floral or tree crops

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7,84 € Without VAT

Fungicida Polti 20 Conf. 1 Kg Al.Fe


Foliar fertilizer based on boron and copper sulfate. It allows to treat the physiopathies linked to the deficiency of the two microelements, favoring the vegetative recovery after particular stress and increasing the production yield. Fertilizer EC- Blend of Microelements Boron (B) 0.2% Copper (Cu) (sulfate) 20% • Free sale • With Boron

5,56 € VAT included
5,35 € Without VAT

Fungicida Spray Ppo Pompe for Ornamental Plants 750 Ml Al.Fe


Fungicide in liquid formulation for ornamental plants with preventive and curative action against Oidio, Ticchiolatura, Ruggini. Composition: Pure Penconazole 0,1 g (1 g / l), metal copper (from oxychloride) 0,5 g (5 g / l).

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6,14 € Without VAT

Fertilizer Biological Corrosion Sulfur 1 Kg Al.Fe


Correction for agricultural use based on sulfur (92%), allowed in organic farming. It is indicated for the lowering of the pH of alkaline soils, thus facilitating the availability and the radical assimilability of the micronutrients present in the soil, contributing to the removal and removal of sodium in the sodium soils. It avoids the lack of sulfur, preventing an important limiting factor for the production of crops, as sulfur is part of the composition of some amino acids (hence proteins) and the formation of particular aromas and fragrances in horticultural species (garlic, onion etc ...).

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2,92 € Without VAT

Fertilizer Liquid Fertilizer for Succulent Plants 1 Liter Al.Fe


Format: 1 Liter Fertilizer fertilizer specially designed for all plants of this family. Thanks to the perfectly balanced formulation it favors a balanced development and provides a valid support in case of possible stress situations.

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4,71 € Without VAT

Granular fertilizer for Prato Kg.2,5 L-PM 100 Wolf Garten

Wolf Garten

Granular fertilizer for lawn, enriched with iron. Suitable for mq.100 Format: KG.2,5

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6,53 € Without VAT

Fungicides Full Spectrum Rameplant WG gr.200 Kollant


Format: 200 gr. The product is a fungicide with wide spectrum of action containing copper in the form of oxychloride tetraramico. The formulation into water-dispersible granules ensures the maximum simplicity and safety in use, since it reduces to the maximum the phenomena of dusting during preparation of the suspension to be sprayed.

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4,74 € Without VAT

Universal fertilizer Granverde PS gr.600 Cifo


Format: 600 gr. Fertilizer suitable for providing the right nourishment to all ornamental and garden plants. The elements are contained in a balanced ratio to promote the development of the crown, to increase flowering and for the production of fruits and healthy vegetables, colorful and tasty. It achieves excellent results, harmonious growth and abundant blooms.

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4,23 € Without VAT

Granular fertilizer for Ortensia Kg.1 Cifo


Format: 1 kg fertilizer perfect to meet all the nutritional requirements of hydrangeas, heathers, Lauro, jasmine, privet, etc. It allows to obtain optimal vegetative growth of the plants, abundant flowering and prolonged, in addition to providing a fertilizer effect immediate and prolonged in time. To be used at the beginning of vegetation or planting, in late spring and during the summer.

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3,98 € Without VAT

Granular fertilizer for plants Acidofile Kg.1 Cifo


Size: 1 Kg specific fertilizer for Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Camellias and plants acidophilic generally. It ensures an immediate and lasting effect, responding to different needs of plants. At the beginning of the vegetation or planting, in late spring and during the summer.

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3,98 € Without VAT