Fertilizer for Turfgrass MAXI GREEN 10 Kg Al.Fe


Fertilizer for Turfgrass MAXI GREEN 10 Kg Al.Fe


Format: 10 Kg Maxiverde NPK + Magnesium is a formula with a nutrient content perfectly balanced for the fertilization of cash crops (orchards, vegetable gardens, etc.), Turf and green sports (golf, soccer fields, etc.). .

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The peculiar characteristic of the product is constituted by the fraction of nitrogen that is distributed in two types of nitrogen, allowing to meet in a highly efficient manner to the nutrient requirements of different crops.
  • Nitric fast acting
  • Ammonia medium readiness

The presence of Magnesium ensures the maintenance of a bright green in all turfs.
Maxiverde is a low chlorine title product;
It contains potassium sulfate and trace elements as essential to ensure a complete and effective fertilization.

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