Liquid Citrus Fertilizer 1 Liter Al.Fe


Format: 1 Liter Liquid mineral fertilizer specific for all citrus fruits in pots or in the ground. The formulation with a balanced relationship between the nutritive elements guarantees a luxuriant and homogeneous development of the leaves, of the buds, and of the flowers, while the microelements favor the improvement of the fruit.

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  • The presence of micro-nutrients favors the processes of chlorophyll photosynthesis allowing to obtain plants resistant to adversity able to bring to maturity a higher number of fruits, of intense color and juicier.
  • Ideal for lemons, oranges, tangerines, clementines, cedars, grapefruits, Chinese mandarins, etc.
  • Organ-mineral fertilizer NPK (C) 7,5-4-6,5 (3) with microelements

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