Fiberglass Repair Kit 1.2 Kg Teknica


Polyester resin with excellent wetting to fibers and fillers, low shrinkage and excellent mechanical properties. Supplied with hardener, brush and fiberglass.

20,24 € VAT included
16,59 € Without VAT

Stucco Metallic strong Sigillferr 125ml Sigill Pigal


Format: 125ml

Two component polyester resin useful for filling, rebuild and regenerate any type of metal. When dry can be smoothed, sanded, drilled and painted. Suitable for renovation mufflers, radiators, car bodies for cars and motorcycles, tanks. You can clog radiators, heaters, gutters, pipes and taps.

3,11 € VAT included
2,55 € Without VAT

Stucco Fiberglass FAI TU Arexons


Size: 200 g

Pasta bicomponent for fiberglass green color to reconstruct small body parts missing or greatly impaired, fill holes thanks to the bridges of glass fibers that are formed above the empty points. On the basis of unsaturated polyester resins added with special glass fibers, which impart to the mass high mechanical characteristics and surface hardness. Tenacious, medium hard, very water resistant, can be sanded. This product can also be used in the nautical sector.
Cod. 3000

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4,27 € Without VAT

Mastic adhesive seals 200 ml Arexons


Size: 200 ml

Product based on natural resins, designed to hold in place the preformed seals before assembly. It forms a transparent film with high adhesive strength, ensuring a tight seal even on uneven surfaces. Ideal in fixing the seals of motors, machine tools, hydraulic lines, fuel tanks resistant to oils, gasoline, refrigerants and pressures. Cod. 0019

11,29 € VAT included
9,25 € Without VAT

Green Sealant Boxes Change and Differentials 100 ml Arexons


Format: 100 ml Green Sealant is a self-modeling product that creates any form seals. It replaces traditional seals, eliminating the problem of storage of different measures. Product suitable in pairs with fairly accurate flat surfaces. Specific for sealing of complex shapes of parts in cast components. No settling phenomena and possesses high strength and waterproof, oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, gases, vapors and chemical agents in general.

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14,34 € Without VAT

MOTORSIL D Seal Red Silicone for Motor 60gr Arexons


Format: 60 gr Motorsil D is a silicone paste for sealing gaskets, form a gasket of any thickness, able to withstand any type of condition or substance. It fills microspaces due to non-perfect flatness, replacing all types of cut gaskets. Self-leveling, hardens at room temperature, without loss of volume.

9,49 € VAT included
7,78 € Without VAT

MOTORBLACK Black Silicone Gasket for Engine Arexons


Size: 60 g

Motorblack is a sealant specific to the oil sump Fire family of engines, and is indicated in the industrial sector as a sealant for machine parts in motion such as pumps, turbines, compressors and as an alternative to preformed seals. In the electricity sector is used as an insulator. Ideal for all applications where you need a motor and seal. E 'suitable for bonding silicone already polymerized and wherever they require seals resistant to high temperatures, oils, and solvents.

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7,78 € Without VAT

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Leaks Radiator Stop Leak Arexons Sealant 300 ml


Format: 300 ml

stop leak radiators super fast action: seal instantly all the possible loss of the radiator. Easy to use, it improves protection against corrosion, lubricates the water pump and facilitates the flow of the fluid in the circuit to avoid the formation of harmful sludge. Fail on any type of radiator, does not damage the tubes, gaskets, and metal parts. Also effective as a preventive action, it is compatible with the antifreeze and not in any way obstruct the circulation of the cooling liquid. Cod. 3570

7,86 €   7,94 € VAT included
6,44 €   6,51 € Without VAT

Rubber seals Drillings Spray 400ml Arexons 8470


Size: 400 ml

RUBBER SPRAY allows to seal the puncture and simultaneously to re-inflate the tire. E 'suitable for any type of drilling with both tires in the air chamber is tubeless, it allows to carry out the entire operation without removing the punctured wheel and without dirtying the hands. Cod. 8470

12,42 € VAT included
10,18 € Without VAT

Stucco Fiberglass Arexons


Size: 790 g

Stucco bi-component paste based on unsaturated polyester resins and special glass fibers, which impart to the mass high mechanical characteristics and surface hardness. This allows the reconstruction of small body parts missing or greatly impaired and the filling of the holes thanks to the bridges of glass fibers that are formed above the empty points. Tenacious, medium hard, very sticky, very water resistant, can be sanded with a random orbital sander and can be covered with stucco or any other type of finish.

12,48 € VAT included
10,23 € Without VAT