Brass 3/4 junction fitting


Brass junction fitting for Papillon pipes

6,50 € VAT included
5,33 € Without VAT

3 Way Plastic Tee for Papillon Irrigation


Available in various sizes. 3-way "T" branching in PAPILLON plastic for irrigation

0,79 € VAT included
0,65 € Without VAT

Anello Stringitubo 91096 Claber


Hose clamp ring, useful accessory for the manifold pipe, in case of high water pressures. It is used when the water pressure is above 1.5 bar in the 1/2 "(13 - 16 mm) collector pipe.

3,87 € VAT included
3,17 € Without VAT

Tap Adapter

Available in 2 models. Brass faucet adapter.

1,73 € VAT included
1,42 € Without VAT

Fast Brass Fitting


Available in 2 sizes. Simple brass fitting in brass. Threaded female thread with steel spheres.

5,54 € VAT included
4,54 € Without VAT

Diverter Three Vie 8615 Claber


To duplicate the irrigation line to bring the water into two different points. They connect lengths of tube with automatic fittings at the ends.

2,24 € VAT included
1,84 € Without VAT

Socket Two-Way 3/4 "Male 8590 Claber


It allows the mounting of two electronic timers, pressure reducers, etc. To tap with thread 3/4 ".

7,50 € VAT included
6,15 € Without VAT

Outlet Four Vie 8581 Claber


The ultimate in versatility: a single socket to connect fittings 4 well to a single tap with a 3/4 ", by adjusting the adjusting the water flow independently on each street. Installation screw, without using any tool. It ensures a stable connection and no losses. its ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to use even with wet fingers. Lets l`allacciamento four lines to a single d`acqua outlet.

15,30 € VAT included
12,54 € Without VAT

Filter in line for hose 1/2 "91011 Claber


in-line filter for 1/2 "tube, for filtering the water of plants drop by drop or drip irrigation. It is installed in line directly on the manifold 1/2 ". network easy to clean filter. Designed for irrigation do-it-yourself, guarantees a watertight, thanks to the compression system that facilitates grip, without using any tools. Avoid entering the facility of any impurities in the water, while preserving the efficiency of the drippers and sprinklers.

6,67 € VAT included
5,47 € Without VAT

Automatic connection to collector hose 1/2 "99009 Claber


Automatic connection with quick coupling system entry Quick-Click System. Used to connect the 1/2 "collector tube (13-16 mm) to the outlet with quick coupling mounted on the faucet.

1,89 € VAT included
1,55 € Without VAT