2-wheel sliding trolley mm.45 VB3201.045 FAC


2-wheel sliding trolley Wheel diameter: 45 mm Cod. VB3201.045

€ 7,52 VAT included
€ 6,16 Without VAT

Shopping 4 Steel Wheels ø55 mm OMGE 253

Steel trolley with fixed threaded pin M 20 - Type 4 wheels diam. mm.55 steel, to complete ring of balls. Max. kg.350

€ 18,50 VAT included
€ 15,16 Without VAT

Round Ball Wheel with VA1301 FAC Ball Bearing


Available in 2 sizes. Round ball spool with ball bearing. Cod. VA1301

€ 10,02 VAT included
€ 8,21 Without VAT

Gola wheel V IBFM Art.360


Available in 4 sizes. Wheel for gates, V throat, 1 ball bearing. Cod. 360

€ 3,17 VAT included
€ 2,60 Without VAT

Gola wheel V Tropicalized with support 117mm 335V-120 Comunello


throat wheel and V-1 bearing, with holder, zinc plated. Diameter: 117mm Cod. 335V-120

€ 17,31 VAT included
€ 14,19 Without VAT

Gola wheel V Tropicalized 157mm 300V-160 Comunello


Wheel with a V throat, zinc plated. Diameter: 157mm Cod. 300V-160

€ 26,41 VAT included
€ 21,65 Without VAT

Gola wheel V Galvanized 98mm 300V-100 Comunello


Wheel with a V throat, galvanized finish. Diameter: 98mm Cod. 300V-100

€ 12,13 VAT included
€ 9,94 Without VAT

Cart Wheels Sliding 4 VB3202.024 FAC


Sliding trolley 4 wheels. Cod. VB3202.024

€ 6,70 VAT included
€ 5,49 Without VAT

Sliding Cart 2 Wheels (Type 2) VB3102.024


Sliding 2 wheels (type 2). Cod. VB3102.024

€ 4,01 VAT included
€ 3,29 Without VAT

Gola Tonda wheel with bearing balls and pin with grease fitting VA1402.090 FAC


Revolves round the throat with ball bearing and pin with grease. Cod. VA1402.090

€ 18,80 VAT included
€ 15,41 Without VAT