Heavy-duty 1-Hole Galvanized Hole for Tubing Fixing

Heavy duty galvanized bracket to a 3/8 "18mm hole for tube fastening

€ 0,26 VAT included
€ 0,21 Without VAT

U Press Round Art.927


Available in 1 measures. Jumper knitted round steel tropicalized. Wire Diameter: 6 mm

€ 0,84 VAT included
€ 0,69 Without VAT

U Press Rectangular Art.926


Jumper knitted rectangular steel tropicalized.

€ 0,45 VAT included
€ 0,37 Without VAT

U for pipes

Available in 8 sizes. Bolt anchor pipe with accessories. Material: galvanized FE430

€ 0,34 VAT included
€ 0,28 Without VAT

Cruise 2 Bolts for hoses

Available in 3 sizes. Cruise 2 galvanized steel bolts, pipe. Bolts not supplied.

€ 1,34 VAT included
€ 1,10 Without VAT

1-bolt T-clamp for pipes

Available in 7 sizes. TA terminal 1 galvanized steel bolt, for pipes. Bolt not supplied.

€ 0,81 VAT included
€ 0,66 Without VAT

Bolt for fixing pipes ECLIP Elematic


Available in 4 sizes. ECLIP a jumper is opened for the attachment of rigid protective insulating metric pipe from 16 mm to 50 mm; the ultimate accessory for the professional electrician. Applicable with T6 lightweight anchors, E, UCX and support guides, or with gas nailer.

€ 0,09 VAT included
€ 0,07 Without VAT