Mineral Oil for Chain Saw Biodegradable 5 Lt 1111-9247-01 Stiga


Size: 5 Liters The bar and chain of the chainsaw must be kept lubricated to work properly. Chain oil prevents excessive friction which can cause wear, breakage and damage This biodegradable chain oil is a completely natural high viscosity fluid. It has been tested according to the CEC-L-33-A-93 method and is more than 90% biodegradable. Microorganisms and atmospheric agents are subdivided into non-toxic by-products leading to total degradation of carbon dioxide and water

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Oil SAE 30 Blend and Petrol for Lawnmowers 4T 600 ml Stiga


Size: 600 ml To obtain the best performance and reliability of the engine, it is necessary to use an oil that creates a protective film to prevent the metal surfaces of the engine from becoming worn. The oil also dissipates heat and reduces wear, acting as a protection for the engine and prevents the accumulation of dirt and deposits by protecting surfaces, combats oxidation and minimizes corrosive acids. SAE 30 is exceptional with temperatures from 0 ° C. The API SL / CF specifications indicate that it is suitable for both petrol and diesel engines and can be used with lawnmowers and tractors, including front models.

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Synthetic Oil Blend for Motor Brushcutter Chainsaw 2T Stiga


Available in 2 sizes. STIGA 2-stroke engine oil for chainsaws and brushcutters 100% synthetic oil that guarantees superior quality and better oiling. The engine components are lubricated better, the spark plugs are difficult to get dirty and there are fewer residues in the cylinders. This implies little smoke and better engine performance.

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Strong Engine Oil for Lawnmower 4T 600ml R331147 Sabart


Format: 600 ml SAE-30W standard oil particularly suitable for all 4-stroke engines for lawnmowers and gardening machines in compliance with the requirements of the manufacturer. Ensures excellent lubrication during any use and for every type of operating temperature. Specifications: API SF CC - MIL-L-46152B - CC MC G1, G2, D1

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Grease Flexible gr.125 R331122 Sabart


Format: 125 gr grease flexible Al lithium soap. It maintains unchanged its characteristics even at high temperatures.

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Orion Oil Multigrade Lt.1 R331128 Sabart


Size: 1 Liter Oil ORION high performance multigrade engine. Multigrade lubricant-SAE 15w / 40 for high performance engines. Designed to handle the harsh necessities of gasoline and diesel engines of cars, tractors, industrial machines (including those with turbo). This lubricant, specially composed by the best base oils, blended with more modern products, such as detergents, anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-corrosion, provides excellent lubrication and complete protection to the engine.

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Oil Mixture 2T Synthetic Strong 1000 ml Sabart


Size: 1 Liter Oil STRONG for fully synthetic mixture. Prepared for 2-stroke engines with a high number of revolutions, also with separate lubrication. Low smoke and ensures maximum engine protection. Exceptional wear resistance, high temperature, scuffing, oxidation. It does not produce ashes. And 'it recommended for chain saws, brush cutters, go-karts, motorcycles and scooters. Usable with all types of gasoline.

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Engine Oil SAE 30 Lawnmowers 600 ml Cermag


Format: 600 ml

Engine Oil SAE 30 in dose recommended for filling the crankcase of any mower. It has different detergent-dispersant additives, antioxidants, anti-rust, anticorrisive, anti-wear. It protects the engine even during the winter stop.
Cod. 20236

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Lubricant Protectant for Chain Chainsaw Chain Sabart


Available in 3 sizes. Protective oil, lubricating and anti-wear and anti-anchorage of high quality bars and chains of chainsaws. It provides exceptional protection and lubrication and is efficient even at high chain speed and high temperatures typical of ESTIV cut

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Oil Mixture STRONG K70 Plus Semi-synthetic 1000 ml Sabart


Size: 1 Liter

oil mixture for two-stroke engines with a high number of revolutions, provides maximum protection by the mixing of materials of mineral and synthetic antiseizure, antioxidants, anti-wear and anti-smoking.
Cancel aging fuel for at least 6 months, reduces the formations chewy, it favors starting and optimizes engine performance.

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