Charcoal Briquettes for Heating 10kg Buffoli

Enjoy the pleasure of a real break without having to add wood thanks to lignite! The lignite tiles are produced in natural lignite (mineral) and pressed without the use of binders. Their optimal combustion is obtained with a bed of uniform embers and once they are turned on they have a high duration. UNION® tiles are extracted, processed and packed in the Rhine coal basin. Lignite tiles in 10 kg packs.

5,49 € VAT included
4,50 € Without VAT

Firewood logs 20kg


Pressed wood stump with high heat output Box of 20Kg.

5,43 € VAT included
4,94 € Without VAT

Lavica Barbecue Stone Kg.3,5 055044 Papillon


Lava stone for barbecue - in carton box of kg. 3.5

8,77 € VAT included
7,19 € Without VAT

Lava rock 3kg Campingaz 205637


lava rock in conf. 3kg. It provides even heat and reduces flare-ups. Packaging suitable for a surface area of ​​1,500 cm2. Cod. 205637

6,71 € VAT included
5,50 € Without VAT

Odorless fuel for stoves Ecocalor More 18 Liters Savichem


Size: 18 Liters Ecocalor More fuel is a universal and can be employed in any liquid fuel stove of any brand on the market. The product is colorless and odorless and thanks to 'high purity and high technological content is able to provide heat quickly and cleanly, without leaving residues, and odors. The high wetting of Ecocalor guarantee impregnation of the wick and ease operations by providing power, then, a constant and optimal flame stability.

46,95 € VAT included
38,48 € Without VAT

Firelighter Pellet Chimney Sweep Cleaner 1.5 kg


Pellet chimney sweep to clean snapshot of stoves and pellet boilers.
A cleaning solution for cleaning pelletized specific snapshot of flues and combustion chambers of stoves and pellet boilers.
Format: 1.5 kg

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5,22 € Without VAT

Charcoal Plant 4-10 Kg Buffoli

Available sizes: 4 kg, 10 kg

The charcoal plant is a fuel produced by the carbonization of wood.
The production of charcoal is made with a technique that allows you to remove the right amount of oxygen to the combustion process of the wood, in order to avoid on the one hand that the fire going out and on the other, that the fire takes force and burn completely the stack of wood. It 'an ideal product for berbecue, to speed up preparation of the grid.

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3,03 € Without VAT

Wood Pellets Thermospan Holz Bag 15 Kg for Stoves and Fireplaces


The best pellets available on the market, in practical 15 kg bags. Produced with pure sawdust without bark, after drying maintains a moisture content below 10%. The Thermospan pellet is produced with a round matrix under enormous compression, ensuring a diameter of 6 mm perfect for trouble-free use, dosable according to consumption, with flame and adjustable temperature.

Kindling wood in bags 4.5 kg

Coniferous wood dried packed in bags, in perfect cut for lighting the fire of fireplaces, stoves, barbecue, etc. 4.5 kg bag

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2,38 € Without VAT

Firewood Firewood in bag 8kg

Dried firewood packed in bags.
Lot 8 kg

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3,82 € Without VAT