Adhesive Color Cover Oak Color ø 13 mm 96687 Maurer


Adhesive hole cover in Oak color, ø 13 mm.

0,81 € VAT included
0,66 € Without VAT

Double Transparent Buffer Ring for Handles

Double bumper ring in soft plastic suitable for shock absorption. Transparent color in the shape of "8" in transparent rubber.

0,22 € VAT included
0,18 € Without VAT

Conf. Feltrini Synthetic Adhesives Brown Uni Tak

Available in 7 sizes. Confection synthetic felt in envelope. Color: brown walnut

0,26 € VAT included
0,21 € Without VAT

Plastic Adhesive Effect Wood Bricks Window Sticker Maurer cm.45


SOLD AT METER Available in 5 colors Adhesive plastic cm.45 - thickness 0.12 mm. Available colors: mahogany, oak, bricks, window stickers.

1,00 € VAT included
0,82 € Without VAT

Non-slip covering for drawers cm.50x150 97518 Maurer


Transparent EVA non-slip drawer coating. Dimensions: 50x150 cm Weight 400 gr.

4,07 € VAT included
3,34 € Without VAT

Rolled Tablecloth Colored Paper cm.120x700

Available in 3 colors. Disposable roll paper tablecloth 120x700 cm. The photo is purely indicative.

1,87 € VAT included
1,53 € Without VAT

Chair and Furniture Leg ømm.50 532 / M Rocarr


Polyamide foot for chairs and furniture. Threaded pin attachment. Metallized finish. Diameter: 50 mm Height: 38 mm Width: 8MAx15 Capacity: 35 Kg

1,01 € VAT included
0,83 € Without VAT

20 Transparent Bumper Stickers ø13x4mm

Pack of 20 self-adhesive rubber bumper designed to be used as a leg, stoppers and spacers. Can be used wherever there is a danger of hitting, scratching, damaging, marring, sliding, vibrate or make noise. The flat surface at the top offers excellent load capacity ', and excellent anti-slip performance. ø13 mm x 4 mm in size

0,83 € VAT included
0,68 € Without VAT

Dust seal for Cabinets Geko Guard 10m


adhesive seal designed to prevent dust, mites, smog and various insects from penetrating inside closets, dressers, kitchen furniture, etc. The seal is transparent and fits any color, invisible to the closed doors and extremely effective. Being a lamellar seal with av listing of very reduced thickness, it is able to cover any slot that does not also adjust between the two doors. Roll length: 10 m

3,51 € VAT included
2,88 € Without VAT

8 caps Rubbers Sottosedia ø30mm


Available in 3 colors. 8 pack plugs sottosedia soft rubber, complete with screws and washers for fastening. Diameter: 30 mm

0,60 € VAT included
0,49 € Without VAT