Transparent Handguard Strap Protector for Door and Window Handles

Strap protector for doors and windows in transparent rubber

1,89 € VAT included
1,55 € Without VAT

Square Furniture Leg with Minutex Adjustable Foot


Available in various sizes Square furniture leg with adjustable foot In black painted steel

3,66 € VAT included
3,00 € Without VAT

Adhesive Color Cover Oak Color ø 13 mm 96687 Maurer


Adhesive hole cover in Oak color, ø 13 mm.

0,81 € VAT included
0,66 € Without VAT

Double Transparent Buffer Ring for Handles

Double bumper ring in soft plastic suitable for shock absorption. Transparent color in the shape of "8" in transparent rubber.

0,22 € VAT included
0,18 € Without VAT

Conf. Feltrini Synthetic Adhesives Brown Uni Tak

Available in 7 sizes. Confection synthetic felt in envelope. Color: brown walnut

0,26 € VAT included
0,21 € Without VAT

Plastic Adhesive Effect Wood Bricks Window Sticker Maurer cm.45


SOLD AT METER Available in 5 colors Adhesive plastic cm.45 - thickness 0.12 mm. Available colors: mahogany, oak, bricks, window stickers.

1,02 € VAT included
0,84 € Without VAT

Non-slip covering for drawers cm.50x150 97518 Maurer


Transparent EVA non-slip drawer coating. Dimensions: 50x150 cm Weight 400 gr.

4,07 € VAT included
3,34 € Without VAT

Rolled Tablecloth Colored Paper cm.120x700

Available in 3 colors. Disposable roll paper tablecloth 120x700 cm. The photo is purely indicative.

1,87 € VAT included
1,53 € Without VAT

Chair and Furniture Leg ømm.50 532 / M Rocarr


Polyamide foot for chairs and furniture. Threaded pin attachment. Metallized finish. Diameter: 50 mm Height: 38 mm Width: 8MAx15 Capacity: 35 Kg

1,01 € VAT included
0,83 € Without VAT

20 Transparent Bumper Stickers ø13x4mm

Pack of 20 self-adhesive rubber bumper designed to be used as a leg, stoppers and spacers. Can be used wherever there is a danger of hitting, scratching, damaging, marring, sliding, vibrate or make noise. The flat surface at the top offers excellent load capacity ', and excellent anti-slip performance. ø13 mm x 4 mm in size

0,83 € VAT included
0,68 € Without VAT