Protective Gloves from Soldering Iron Montana 804105 Telwin


Pair of professional gloves, ideal for protecting hands and forearms while using the welder or grinder. One size. Measurements: 35x14 cm Cod. MONTANA 804105

8,60 € VAT included
7,05 € Without VAT

50 Disposable Gloves Powder Free Nitrile AQL 1.5 Grease Monkey 393040 Boxer Line

Boxer Line

Art. Nitrile Sizes: L, XL, XXL Disposable ambidextrous glove in powder-free nitrile suitable for food contact Completely latex-free Palm thickness 0.15 mm with fish scale external finish Excellent sensitivity, comfort and dexterity and excellent resistance to oils Packaging from 50 pieces Color: orange.

5,93 € VAT included
4,86 € Without VAT

Continuous Thread Gloves 100% Nylon / Latex Tg.6 Shabu Kids Girl 355112 Boxer Line

Boxer Line

Art Shabu Kids Girl Sizes: 6 Palm covered with a special and soft latex foam Rippled finish for a perfect grip both on dry and wet surfaces Gloves not for work but for hobby use Size for children High flexibility and resistance to use Elasticated wrist and ventilated back Color: pink / pink

2,26 € VAT included
1,85 € Without VAT

Welder Gloves Blue Welding 14 "EN14577 EN388 Art. 20090 SikuroTech


Sikurotech blue welding gloves Size: 14 "Glove length: 35.5 cm Width: 14 cm Abrasion resistance EN388 Shear strength EN388 Tear resistance EN388 Puncture resistance EN388 EN 12477

6,95 € VAT included
5,70 € Without VAT

Protective Gloves for Chainsaw Fiorland 295485 Oregon


Size M Cold weather gloves with high quality stretch fabric and durable leather. Excellent grip

34,86 € VAT included
28,57 € Without VAT

100 SikuroTech Nitrile Disposable Gloves


Art. Nitrile Sizes: M, L, XL Nitrile gloves for professional use without latex allergy risks. Disposable and ambidextrous, they do not contain powders. Class 4.5 MIL Box of 100 pieces.

6,93 € VAT included
5,68 € Without VAT

Ovine Leather Flower Gloves 30942 Edis

Available in various sizes Glove in full grain leather, edged at the bottom with elastic on the back. Pack of 2 gloves. Color: white Cod. 30942

2,23 € VAT included
1,83 € Without VAT

Bovine Leather Gloves 38993 Edis

Available in various sizes Professional work gloves in cowhide leather, bound at the bottom with elastic on the back Pack of 2 gloves. Color: white Regulation: mechanical risk 2131 EN388-2003 Cod. 38993

2,31 € VAT included
1,89 € Without VAT

Continuous Wire Gloves Caliber 13 Polyester / NItrile 16 Nbr Crinkle 353086 Mac-Tuk


Art. 16 Nbr Crinkle Size: 10 Continuous polyester glove, caliber 13 in polyester / nitrile Nitrile coated palm with slightly wrinkled finish generated by the processing of the support Excellent grip High flexibility and dexterity Excellent resistance to abrasion Ergonomic shape, absence of seams, excellent fit comfort Elasticated wrist and aerated back that promotes perspiration Color: blue / black

1,02 € VAT included
0,84 € Without VAT

100 Disposable Nitrile Gloves Without Powder Biosoft Plus Glovely Rays


Art. Nitrile Available in various sizes Single-use nitrile gloves AQL 1.0 without latex, powder-free, non-sterile. Ambidextrous blue color. Suitable for use in examination, therapy, diagnostics, laboratory, chemical industry, workshops, electronics and food processing. Suitable for hospital and outpatient use.

4,54 € VAT included
3,72 € Without VAT