100 Disposable Nitrile Gloves Without Powder Biosoft Plus Glovely Rays


Art. Nitrile Available in various sizes Single-use nitrile gloves AQL 1.0 without latex, powder-free, non-sterile. Ambidextrous blue color. Suitable for use in examination, therapy, diagnostics, laboratory, chemical industry, workshops, electronics and food processing. Suitable for hospital and outpatient use.

4,26 € VAT included
3,49 € Without VAT


50 High Thickness Disposable Gloves in Nitrile SikuroTech


Sizes: M, L, XL Disposable nitrile gloves with high nitrile thickness for professional use. Gloves without dust, ambidextrous and with extra-long cuff Class 8.0 MIL Pack of 50 pieces. Product not suitable for medical use and food contact

6,26 € VAT included
5,13 € Without VAT

100 SikuroTech Nitrile Disposable Gloves


Art. Nitrile Sizes: M, L, XL Nitrile gloves for professional use without latex allergy risks. Disposable and ambidextrous, they do not contain powders. Class 4.5 MIL Box of 100 pieces.

6,36 € VAT included
5,21 € Without VAT

100 Disposable Gloves hypoallergenic Synthex Maurer 97034


Available in 2 sizes. Pack of 100 disposable gloves hypoallergenic mod. SYNTHEX. Formula innovative polymer, completely devoid of LATEX. High resistance value and elasticity.

3,98 € VAT included
3,26 € Without VAT

Guanti tipo NIT FLEX Nylon/Nitrile SikuroTech


Sizes: 9, 10 Gloves continuous wire 100% nylon with nitrile coated palm. antibacterial, and excellent abrasion resistance treatment. Elasticized wrist. 2-pack gloves.

1,34 € VAT included
1,10 € Without VAT

Knitted Gloves / Latex Gripper Tg.10 094,806 Maurer


Size: 10 Knitted gloves in high-grip seal, with reinforced palm latex type "GRIPPER" gray + blue latex Complies with EN 420 and EN 388 (

Protective gloves for Gardening Fiordland Oregon 295395


Available sizes: L, XL leather protective gloves and stretch fabric for optimal tool control and exceptional comfort. Reinforcements on the palm and say. Hook and loop closure for a perfect fit. EN 420, EN 388, EN 381, Class 0 (16 m / s) Cod. 295395

28,39 € VAT included
23,27 € Without VAT

Camouflage Gloves 480 Polyester / Latex 355,133 Mac-Tuk


Art. 480
Sizes: 9, 10

Glove continuous filament polyester, 13 gauge / latex coated palm foam latex crinkle finish for a perfect grip on dry and wet surfaces without seams, reduces the risk of irritation and provides improved comfort to fit Back Aerated that promotes perspiration High flexibility, dexterity Length cm. 25 (tg. 9)
Cod. 355133

1,28 € VAT included
1,05 € Without VAT

Protective Gloves for welding Telwin 802673


Pair of professional gloves, ideal for the protection of the hands and forearms while using the welder or grinder. One size.
Cod. 802673

8,15 € VAT included
6,68 € Without VAT

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Gloves Rasta / Winter Ninja Ice 337126 Boxer Line

Boxer Line

Art. Ninja Ice
Sizes: 8, 9, 10

Perfect for work in the cold! Double layer, padded internally.
Antibacterial treatment Sanitized Actifresh, suitable for food contact.
Flexible and soft down to temperatures of -50 ° C.
Elasticized wrist and ventilated back. 2-pack gloves.
Cod. 337126

4,56 €   4,61 € VAT included
3,74 €   3,78 € Without VAT