Transparent Working Glasses with Elastic 10006 SikuroTech


Transparent mask work glasses with elastic. Art.10006

1,37 € VAT included
1,12 € Without VAT

Transparent work glasses with SikuroTech 10004 shafts


Transparent mask PC work glasses with temples. CE EN166 Standard Art.10004

2,34 € VAT included
1,92 € Without VAT

Scratch Guard G17 Plano Glass


Scratch-resistant lens goggle Lenses 2C-1.2 PL 1 FT CE Frame PL EN 166 FT CE

3,65 € VAT included
2,99 € Without VAT

Protective Mask and High Temperature Powder Univet 620U.02.10.00


Advanced technology, perfect blend of ergonomics and design overview spherical lens for high performance Soft structure TPR for optimal comfort of indirect ventilation system Comparable to all prescription glasses thanks to the spherical lens APPLICATIONS mechanical work in good visibility conditions APPLICATIONS Liquids ( dripping or splashing) of large dust particles

10,44 € VAT included
8,56 € Without VAT

Polycarbonate glasses Transparent Univet 568.01.00.00


Glasses very light, ideal for a generic protection and essential Lightweight and practical, entirely in transparent polycarbonate, it weighs only 23 grams. It protects against impact and UV rays. It can be used for prolonged use because it does not create distortions and visual fatigue. Ideal for mechanical work in good visibility conditions.

1,94 € VAT included
1,59 € Without VAT

Protective Mask and High Temperature Powder Univet 620.02.00.00


Perfect example of technology applied to the protection, the mask 620 has a soft TPR structure that fits every face ensuring comfort and protection even at extreme temperatures. The spherical lens avoids even the slightest fogging thanks to anti-fog, high performance UDC ™ combined with indirect ventilation system with 6 holes. Art. 620.02.00.00

10,43 € VAT included
8,55 € Without VAT

Glasses to mask Univet 602.01.00.00


Essential structure ideal for every type of fit.
Adjustable headband fabric.
Polycarbonate lens.
Indirect ventilation system.
Comparable to eyewear.
Art. 602.01.00.00

2,16 € VAT included
1,77 € Without VAT

Scratch resistant glasses SoftPad Univet 5X8.03.11.00


line attractive and ergonomic with adjustable rods for adaptability to every user.
Neutral lens with anti-scratch and anti-fog.
UV400 protection
Frame: gun metal / green
Art. 5X8.03.11.00

7,70 € VAT included
6,31 € Without VAT

Stackable glasses sterilized Univet 520.11.00.00


Ventilation system housed in the side shields.
Comparable to ordinary eyeglasses.
Art. 520.11.00.00

1,81 € VAT included
1,48 € Without VAT

Goggles Univet 511.03.01.00


Lateral protection incorporated.
Frame made of hypoallergenic material.
Lens with anti-scratch.
Art. 511.03.01.00

2,40 € VAT included
1,97 € Without VAT