Lumachicide PPO for Ornamental Plants 1Kg Green World KOS44

Mondo Verde

Size: 1kg Available in lumachecidal granules ready for use for ornamental plants. It quickly eliminates snails, scabies and gasteropods that infest and damage ornamental plants, flowers and gardens. The product works effectively in no time and effectively resists rain, moisture and weather. The product is supplemented with an embryo repellent, benzoate denatured, to prevent pets and children from ingesting it by mistake, making it really safe to use.

3,47 € VAT included
3,15 € Without VAT

Neodust grumentic Insecticide Insecticide

Mondo Verde

Size: gr.200 It acts against ants, fleas and cockroaches.

7,43 € VAT included
6,09 € Without VAT

Bixan Blades Gel Espresso gr.10

Mondo Verde

Esca Bixan gel from 10 gr. Easy to use, not dirty and odorless. Every bait works effectively for more than 3 months.

2,78 € VAT included
2,28 € Without VAT

Neodust grumentic Insecticide Insecticide

Mondo Verde

Size: gr.200 It acts against ants, fleas and cockroaches.

3,90 € VAT included
3,20 € Without VAT

Trap flies with Attrattivo

Mondo Verde

Eliminate or drastically reduce the population of flies that infest gardens, animal shelters, stables, outdoor and external places of buildings, easy and environmentally friendly system that does not use insecticides. The flies are attracted into the trap due all'attrattivo: once entered, can no longer get out and die drowned in the water. Simple to use, it is poured into the attractive organic and water is added. It lasts up to six weeks.

5,33 € VAT included
4,37 € Without VAT

Granular Bait fly-gr.100

Mondo Verde

Esca moschicida granular with attractive double food and sex. The new active substance, Acetamiprid, has immediate action. Suitable for any environment both domestic and rural. Composition: Acetamiprid 0.50% - (Z) -9 tricosene 0.06% - denatonium benzoate repellent ingestion.

4,65 € VAT included
3,81 € Without VAT

4 Traps Adhesive for Flies FLY TRAP

Mondo Verde

Spirals adhesive to catch flies and other pests without using insecticides or other toxic substances. In blister packs of 4 units.

1,39 € VAT included
1,14 € Without VAT

Insecticide Larvae Mosquitoes AEDEX 10 Tablets Efferverscenti

Mondo Verde

Size: 10 tablets larvicidal in effervescent tablets for culverts, manholes, septic tanks and channels

4,37 € VAT included
3,58 € Without VAT

Zanzyout Repellent Mosquitoes Natural 250gr

Format: 250 gr ZANZYOUT is a completely natural and non-toxic product against mosquitoes, flies, gnats and other flying insects; keeps insects without killing them.

9,13 € VAT included
7,48 € Without VAT

10 Spirali Antizanzare Spira

10 Spirals Anti Mosquitoes Spira Spirals Anti Mosquitoes act immediately after ignition, and do not go off with the breeze but only when you want. The smoke of the spiral will continue to give off for about 6 hours, taking away the common mosquito (Culex pipiens), the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and other insects.

1,09 € VAT included
0,89 € Without VAT