Grease Lithium Grease NLGI 3 for Bearings Wheel Hubs and Transmissions Kg 4,5 9361 Arexons


Format: 4.5 Kg Special multi-purpose lithium lubricating grease, suitable for greasing wheel hubs, transmissions and bearings of industrial vehicles and machinery of any type and power where specific greases are not required. The product is dark green with a smooth and homogeneous pomace appearance. High stability ends in a temperature range from -20 ° C to + 120 ° C. High mechanical stability, maximum resistance to oxidation and water.

36,42 € VAT included
29,85 € Without VAT

Grease Grease NLGI 2 Multi-Purpose Industrial Vehicles Kg 4,5 4258 Arexons


Format: 4,5 Kg Special multi-purpose grease with smooth and homogeneous amber lithium, suitable for the greasing of industrial vehicles where specific products are not required. High thermal stability in a temperature range from -20 ° C to + 130 ° C. High mechanical stability, maximum resistance to oxidation and water.

32,23 € VAT included
26,42 € Without VAT

Bisulphide Molybdenum Grease 125 gr 10169 Ama


Format: 125 gr. Recommended for bevel cutter heads, bearings and all mechanical parts that require high protective and lubricating power. Resistant to high temperatures and extreme pressures. Does not damage O-Rings.

2,92 € VAT included
2,39 € Without VAT

Silicone Ocilis Grease Gr.850

OCILIS special silicone grease for high and low temperatures suitable in the presence of plastic and rubber elements.

23,27 € VAT included
19,07 € Without VAT

Grease Vaseline for Enology gr.850 Persian Oil

Size: 850 g / 1000 ml grease to the white vaseline, particularly suitable type for oenological equipment Food-

8,30 € VAT included
6,80 € Without VAT

Vaseline Teknica fat


Available in 2 sizes. Fat white Vaseline superior streamlined, virtually odorless and colorless is indicated for each lubrication can not be used when an oil natural fat. Ideal for its resistance anti acid, to isolate and protect the poles of car batteries, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, mechanical parts and to lubricate / protect locks.

2,10 € VAT included
1,72 € Without VAT

Teknica 500ml Silicon Grease


Format: 500 ml Lubricating grease of superior quality based on HG (High purity) silicone oils. Exceptionally stable at high temperatures (-50 ° C + 250 ° C) it is unalterable from water, sea water, acid solutions, alkaline solutions, mineral oils, petrol, olive oil and seeds. Absolutely colorless, odorless, harmless.

15,19 € VAT included
12,45 € Without VAT

Grasso al MOS2 + Grafite Techgrease Black G Kg.5

Format: 5 Kg Grease for the lubrication of mechanical parts subjected to high loads and / or high temperatures. Meshing of constant velocity joints, fifth wheels of articulated trucks, gear rings and joints of excavators, tractors and agricultural machinery. Lithium complex grease and molybdenum disulfide. It contains antioxidant additives, anti-rust and EP (extreme pressure). It reduces friction and wear of the materials. Operating temperature: -20 ° C to + 160 ° C, with dripping point over + 270 ° C.

51,89 € VAT included
42,53 € Without VAT

Grasso CUSCINETTI Techgrease Long Life Ep2 Kg.5

Format: 5 Kg Multipurpose Lithium Grease with EP characteristics for the lubrication of rolling and plain bearings in industry, agriculture and construction. Grease type: NLGI2 DIN 51502 KPN-20 / ISO-L-XBDEB2

38,13 € VAT included
31,25 € Without VAT

Lubrificante al Rame Gold Grease 750ml Faren


Size: 750 ml Specific lubricant at high temperatures (above 1000 ° C) or as a lubricant under extreme pressure conditions. It lends itself to all situations where it is required, an excellent anti-seize power, anti-corrosion and lubrication, the presence of very high loads. It protects threads from corrosion, wear, deformation, breakage and seizure. Available sizes: 750ml

15,27 € VAT included
12,52 € Without VAT