Adjustable Multi-jet Irrigation Gun 7 Positions 30254 SikuroTech


Irrigation gun with metal body and die-cast aluminum head Equipped with an adjustable 7 position jet and complete with brass fitting Anatomical handle in bi-material and rear adjustment lever with stop. Cod. 30253

9,50 € VAT included
7,79 € Without VAT

Chrome Metal Watering Gun Art.476 Aquajet


Chromed metal garden gun, for irrigating and watering.

8,42 € VAT included
6,90 € Without VAT

Lancia irrigation with Coiled Tube and socket Spiral Kit Basic 9034 Claber


coiled hose full of gun and fittings, ideal for use on balconies, terraces, small gardens, boating and camping. Thanks to the quality of materials and its spiral shape the tube always returns to its original shape after use.

16,56 € VAT included
13,57 € Without VAT

30252 SikuroTech Garden Irrigation Gun with Adjustable Jet


Irrigation gun with adjustable conical jet and plastic body. Non-slip anatomical handle in bi-material plastic with adjustment lever. Complete with plastic fitting. Cod. 30252

5,97 € VAT included
4,89 € Without VAT

SikuroTech 30253 Irrigation Gun Adjustable Conical Jet


Irrigation gun with metal body, adjustable nozzle in conical jet metal. Non-slip anatomical handle in bi-material plastic. Rear adjustment lever with stop. Cod. 30253

14,70 € VAT included
12,05 € Without VAT

Garden Irrigation Gun Adjustable Conical Jet 30255 SikuroTech


Irrigation gun with brass body, adjustable brass nozzle with conical jet and adjustment lever. Cod. 30255

15,79 € VAT included
12,94 € Without VAT

Irrigation Multi-jet gun Ergo Garden 9391 Claber


Lancia in power shower with ergonomic grip, ideal for all the needs of irrigation in the garden, offers a choice of 4 different jets, selectable in a while rotating the front dial. All castings are also adjustable at will, thanks to the lever with fixing system of the jet, very useful to be easy on the hand in the event of prolonged use. cod. 9391

12,18 € VAT included
9,98 € Without VAT

Watering Gun 8966/8756 Claber


Cod. 8966/8756

Spray pistol professional quality for all irrigation needs. Compact and robust, easy and comfortable to handle, you can adjust the water jet at any moment and to fix the position of Unilever, with a special mechanism, preventing hand fatigue, especially during prolonged use .

5,87 € VAT included
4,81 € Without VAT

Turbolancia Irrigation Aquamaster® Block-System 9414 Claber


Cod. 9414

Turbolancia Aquamaster® Block-System with clamp for direct connection of pipes 1 ", launches multifunction for more rational use of water with high flow rates and pressure. The original system of independent jet control, from closed to fully open, allows great distribution versatility: fan with variable spray fineness, concentrated to long range (max. 17.5 m).

8,98 € VAT included
7,36 € Without VAT

Starter Kit Irrigation 8820 Claber with gun, fittings and socket


The kit contains: tap connector 3/4 "and reducer 3/4" -1/2 ", automatic 1/2" connection, automatic 1/2 "with aquastop, washing gun. Cod. 8820

7,58 € VAT included
6,21 € Without VAT