High pressure hoses, Accessories



Hydraulic Steel Piping Hose


Sold to the meter. Available in 4 models. Bonderized steel tube for hydraulic circuits.

2,75 € VAT included
2,25 € Without VAT

Low Pressure Hose for Hydraulic Engineering


Sold to the meter. Available in 5 sizes. Low pressure flexible hose for hydraulic circuits.

1,68 € VAT included
1,38 € Without VAT

2-Seat Fermatubo Block


Available in 8 sizes. 2-post stop block block.

1,37 € VAT included
1,12 € Without VAT

Ultra High-Pressure Hose 4SP - 4SH


Sold by the meter. Available in 4 models. flexible hose for very high pressures 4SP - 4SH.

7,22 € VAT included
5,92 € Without VAT

Fuel Delivery Hose


Available in 3 sizes. Sold by the meter pipe for gas supply, fuel oil and diesel fuel, unleaded petrol excluded. smooth black substrate nitrile rubber with excellent mechanical characteristics, network of high tenacity polyester yarn, synthetic rubber cover resistant to oil products, abrasion and aging. Black smooth outer surface.

1,93 € VAT included
1,58 € Without VAT

Hose SAE100 R7 for Medium Pressures


Available in 2 sizes. Sold by the meter. hose SAE100 R7 for medium pressure.

1,89 € VAT included
1,55 € Without VAT

Hose "REFLUID Agristream" 1 "1/4 DIN 06069 2SN


Sold by the meter. Type: 2SN Inner diameter: 1 "1/4" Inside diameter: 31.8 mm Diameter: 48.3 mm max Pressure: 125.0 bar Cod. 06069

14,77 € VAT included
12,11 € Without VAT

Tubo in Poliuretano Retinato "Cimone" 8x12mm Airex


Sold by the meter. Polyurethane hose screened light, flexible, resistant to oils, solvents and other non-aqueous solutions. operating pressure: 16 bar Diam. Inside: 8 mm Dia.: 12 mm Cod. S30090

2,49 € VAT included
2,04 € Without VAT

PVC spiral hose for Ø 16mm 16064


Sold by the meter internal diameter: 16.0 mm Diameter: 19.5 mm Cod. 16064

2,17 € VAT included
1,78 € Without VAT

Hose "REFLUID Agristream" 1/2 "Din 2SN 89360


Sold by the meter. Type: 2SN Inner diameter: 1/2 "internal diameter: 12.7 Diameter: 22.2 Max: 275.0 Cod. 89360

4,17 € VAT included
3,42 € Without VAT