Outdoor Square Garden Table in Aluminum with Adjustable Feet 60x60 H70cm 780/49 White Double-Decker

Square aluminum outdoor table with adjustable feet Dimensions: 60x60 H70cm Ideal for use in the garden, terrace, bar.

47,29 € VAT included
38,76 € Without VAT

Stackable Aluminum Tube Outdoor Chair 54x59 H74cm 780/47 Bacchi

Outdoor chair in aluminum tube Ø 25x1.2 mm. Dimensions: 54x59 cm H.74 Ideal for use in the garden, terrace, bar.

27,47 € VAT included
22,52 € Without VAT

Carabiner Keychain Spring Lock 7 cm 9312-30

7cm aluminum carabiner body with spring opening and 2.5cm key ring. Assorted colors.

1,89 € VAT included
1,55 € Without VAT

240gr / M2 SikuroTech Absorbent and Anti-Slip Felt Fabric Coil


Available in 2 sizes. Absorbent felt coupled with a polyethylene film. Ideal for protecting floors, floors and other surfaces. Highly absorbent is washable and reusable several times.

20,74 € VAT included
17,00 € Without VAT

Key box 48 seats Maurer


MAURER key ring box 48 seats in painted steel with key lock Dimensions: 240x80x300 mm

18,98 € VAT included
15,56 € Without VAT

Sea Salt Dried Food Kg.25 Sosalt

Sosalt sea salt is born from the ancient salt marshes of Trapani and Marsala where the crystalline sea, together with the strength of the sun and wind, gives rise to a salt particularly rich in precious trace elements contained in the sea water from which it originates.

5,12 € VAT included
4,20 € Without VAT

Anti Aggression Spray Diva Base Milk 15 ml

Defence System

Available in 2 models. The active ingredient present in our sprays is the natural extract of chili called Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) with a concentration of 10%. This substance creates momentary irritation on the skin and mucous membranes it comes into contact with. In the case of the face it causes strong cough, eye tears, abundant nasal mucus production and a very intense burn. After several minutes of contamination the effects pass without leaving any trace and no damage, both on the person and on his clothes. This kind of product is suitable for both humans and wild animals. All of our products are made in the European community according to the quality and environmental protection laws that govern us. The importance of natural extract lies in the legality and security of the same.

7,42 € VAT included
6,08 € Without VAT

10 Suction Cups with Sphere

Available in 2 suction cups with multi-purpose PVC ball

1,33 € VAT included
1,09 € Without VAT

Bicycle Metal Keychain cm.11,5

Metal bicycle keyring. Assorted colors. Length: 11.5 cm

1,53 € VAT included
1,25 € Without VAT

Hanging Hangers Classical Wood 5 Seats

Classic style hanger hangers, wood: 5-seater model.

1,99 € VAT included
1,63 € Without VAT